CN's treatment of Ben 10

  • @GoodVibes1999 I don't hate the art, but it feels a bit too simplistic (a lot of CN shows are these days), I understand you are giving it a chance and I am too, I just don't want a dumb down version of the original series. I hope it won't go that route. Hope you understand.

  • @GoodVibes1999 yeah, I hate haters too and I'm willing to give this reboot a chance instead of not watching. (I thought Regular show looked dumb, but I liked when I gave it a chance, I hope it be the same with the reboot)

  • @GoodVibes1999 I'm on board with @Rexfan1333 here. I don't hate the reboot. I just give it a lot of criticism based on what we know so far at the moment. Not only that but this is a reboot. A YouTuber known as PIEGUYRULZ explained in his recent Vlog video about the Powderpuff Girls reboot promo trailer that he's more critical about reboots in general because of how a lot, if not most, of the time, reboots are just there to act as cash grabs with little to no passion, respect, effort, and care put into it. I have to agree on that because it's true. Most of the time, reboots are there to act as cash grabs now. Just take a look at Hollywood. Therefore, I'm not going soft here. I'm going to be more critical about this reboot here whether you like it or not. I, too, hope that this reboot turns out good and I am willing to give it a chance but I rather follow my expectations based on what I know at the moment and my expectations are very low right now.

    Oh by the way, don't reference Tumblr like ever. Considering how Tumblr is today, many many many people see it as a joke and no longer take it seriously anymore because Tumblr is now just populated by idiots that just rage about something without giving a proper persuasive argument like the guy you mentioned here. That's not even the real reason why many people are "hating" on this reboot. This Tumblr user even tells people to shut up as if their opinions don't matter. Take this as a tip. Don't reference Tumblr.

    Here's another tip. Don't ever use that "If you hate it, just don't watch!" excuse/argument aka the "Don't like, don't watch!" excuse/argument. It makes you look like an idiot, an asshole, and you are contradicting yourself greatly. You're telling us not to watch the reboot if we hate it and yet what are you doing reading our opinions. This video from PIEGUYRULZ explains pretty much perfectly counter argues this.


    Here is another video that I did link on my "Addressing the Ben 10 Reboot" page before that counter argues what the Tumblr user is babbling on. This Tumblr user, at least for the most part, is not right about his argument, if you can even call that an argument. This person thinks that our voices and opinions won't do any changes. This video explains why he's wrong and why I encourage more people to voice their opinions out and send their opinions to CN.


    I'm not trying to be mean here. I guess being stern is the right way to put this post here. I understand that you don't like to read negative opinions about the Ben 10 reboot but we all have our voices here and we can freely give our opinions regardless of how positive or negative they are. You don't like it, I'm sorry but you're going to have to deal with it because it's not going away like ever. That's the best thing that you can do here.

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    I dont hate the reboot i am actually very optimistic for the reboot. The art style doesnt look that bad to me. Im just preparing for the worst so when the show is not the worst i will like it. I just hope to god it's not a comedy centric show

  • @Rexfan1333 okay but, Phil Bourassa dos concept work for the original Ben 10, and there are former Generator Rex AND Ultimate Alien staff members working on the reboot.

    Plus Korea is the one doing the fine tuning to the animation and coloring

    Basically what I mean to say is, you're getting what you've all wanted with this reboot (and a bit more, and I wish I could elaborate on what I mean but it'll have to wait) and a style doesn't have to be realistic or intricate to be good

    Also, as an artist and someone who's starting to dabble in animation, I don't think a lot of you understand just how difficult it can be to animate detailed character models. Even shows that have simple designs can take a friggin long time to do because of what the animation itself does, and it also takes time to send it over and get it back from the other countries that help work on it.

    I know it probably /seems/ simple to just hire a detailed design artist and then pop some ideas into the cartoon machine and have an entire show pop out but that's not how it works

  • @Hawk-Kawaii yeah, I understand that animation is hard work and is expensive (that's what I like about it and I want to be an animator beacuse it's what I always loved as a kid), but CN doesn't seem to want to take any hard work in this reboot at all and just doing it for cash grabs (I'm hoping they are trying to make this great, but it's hard to really think that), the original series had a great art style that made it great, I have nothing against the reboot design but it's still hard to get use to.

  • @Rexfan1333 Agree.

    Also, I was speaking with shadows59 on FanFiction.net (that's the author of Little Moments and Breaking Point) and we ended up thinking of this approach with Netflix, a Japanese studio, and Ben 10. It's probably more likely that if the rights for Ben 10 are taken away from CN, then it would end up in the hands of Netflix. However, if MOA does get Ben 10 back in their hands, then they could take the series to a Japanese anime production studio and form up partnerships with networks such as Netflix and/or other companies of the likes to air Ben 10 onto. It could help Man of Action have the freedom and control they truly need to make a truly great Ben 10 show in the very way that they envisioned it without having a network telling them what to do. I think that's right.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa It would be fantastic if that happened. Is it too much to hope for.

  • @car54 Not really. It's possible just as long as it's done right. Well that and MOA would have to get Ben 10 away from CN and back in their hands. Considering how CN is currently doing, it might take at least a few years for the rights of Ben 10 to be sent to someone if CN keeps going downhill. It might even be shorter or longer depending on how the Powerpuff Girls and Ben 10 reboot does when they air. As long as the cards are played right, it can be done.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa Well, we can all hope.

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