Should the Ben 10 reboot be a in-universe fictional accounts of the original Ben 10 Continuity ?

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    So what do you all think of the idea that the reboot should be a fictional telling within the Ben 10 Prime timeline.

  • @npzman That would be kinda funny but I don't think that it would make too much sense for the in-universe writers of the show to know so much about Ben's origin and his villains. Something tells me that Prime Ben despite his slight arrogance and cockiness wouldn't want an entire show made about him, and probably wouldn't tell the showmakers about all the villains he faced. Plus I'm fairly sure that the characters in the Prime universe might find it insulting to be depicted like they are in the reboot lol.

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    It could be a very inaccurate retelling of the original series with a few twists and turns. The reboot show could be a thing long after Ben Prime's death or during Ben 10k where Ben wouldn't be cocky and would give information and stuff for the show.

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