Why Did Ben 10 Get Rebooted? by D.C. Network

  • Yeah, it really does just come back to the merchandise here. It pretty much is the biggest reason why the reboot show was made. Although, didn't someone mention on here that Cartoon Network stopped releasing new toys by season 3?


  • @Tactical-Ochoa I think that CN missed something major when they made the reboot or even back when they made AF. If the show is genuinely good, then merch sales will generally follow due to the franchise's popularity due to its quality as a series. Of course revenue from merch sales is important to help funding the show. Tt just became too much later on in the cranchise especially with a lot more humanoid alien designs for easier produced action figures (I mean seriously, Fasttrack did not need to exist other than that he was easier to make action figures of than XLR8)

    Obviously one of the main aims of the reboot was to promote merch sales but that doesn't seem to have worked as well as CN would've liked - so I think that we may get a genuinely good series next up no matter what form it takes (another reboot, new sequel to OS, Omniverse continuation, Ben 10k series, Ken 10 series etc.)

  • @Tactical-Ochoa Yeah, the reboot has had no new toys for the past like 9-10 months. They never made figures for any of the new aliens after season 3.

  • @cooljay7 Thanks. That's what I thought I recall here.

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    Is it true that when omniverse ended Cartoon Network wasn't interested on continuing the franchise at all. It was the overseas CN stations that convinced them to make a Ben 10 Reboot ?

  • @npzman Maybe. I don't think that Cartoon Network would want to ditch their most popular franchise forever but Ben 10 may have indeed gone on a longer hiatus had it not been for input from overseas, which is believable considering how CN treated Omniverse towards the end of its run.

    @cooljay7 this makes me wonder what the future of the series is from CNs point of view. They've tried to make the reboot to push their toy line which according to their recent lack of sales has not worked that well. Is it too much to hope that they will actually focus on making a good series over selling toys? I hope so.

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