Was Vilgax an overused Villain ?

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    In the early promotional material on Ben 10: Alien Force, it was stated that it was five years since Ben defeated Vilgax on posters, websites and DVD cases of early volumes disc. Alien Force season 1-2 was always written as if Vilgax was gone for good. Then in the 3rd season of AF Vilgax made a comeback and then just keeps coming back until the end of omniverse. While I think Vilgax is a pretty cool villain, he just gets overused and the writers should have been better off exploring other villains. But no they don't stop cashing in on his popularity.

  • I wouldn't say that he was overused in the series. More on the lines of he wasn't handled well in the sequel shows. He never felt overused to me. It just felt like the directions that they went with him in the sequel shows didn't work well and didn't fit him as a character. This page goes more into that.


  • @npzman I think that Vilgax was meant to be gone for good in AF. I think that the writers were planning to continue the Highbreed arc (at least partially) into Season 3 before some last minute meddling by CN, meaning that they rushed Vilgax back into the series.

    As for him being overused, well by the time Omniverse rolled around or even as early as Ultimate Alien, it did feel like they were using Vilgax for the sake of it or just because he was the most recognised villain. However I think that it was down to them not reimplementing him properly into the series again and taking away the parts of him which made him such an awesome villain in the first place.

    So yeah, Vilgax just wasn’t done correctly in AF and from there onwards, and the post which Tactical Ochoa linked goes into more detail on that.

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    They just want to cash in the popularity of the character gotta sell those squid toys.

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