My new Ben 10 video game idea

  • After that weird dream I had a few nights back, I thought: What about if it was a Ben 10 video game where you could turn into different Cartoon Network characters? This really got me thinking, and I really like the idea. It would have been so cool to just change between different CN characters whenever you want, and knowing you are actually playing as them through Ben 10's Omnitrix. I almost wish that Cartoon Network somehow should read this and takes some notes, but I know they wouldnt even care. Anyway, it would have been my ideal dream come true if it was real. I might Photoshop a picture of a potential cover of the game later today.

  • Ben 10 Fans

    I'd love to have a UAF-themed Ben 10 video game that's forked from the spidermanps4 codebase. I think Cartoon Network did try out crossovers in video games that included Ben 10 Characters in the past. Wasn't super WOWed by them tbh

  • @npzman I just love FusionFall and Punch Time Explosion, if it was those you where thinking about. There are some of my favorite games. But that was not exactly what I meant. I mean like, if, Ben was the one that turned into the CN characters through his Omnitrix, not just having them meet through a crossover or something.

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