My Ben 10 aliens playlist

  • If I where Ben 10, I would have used the Ultimatrix and this would have been my aliens. The 10 aliens around the watch is my original 10 aliens, and the 10 other aliens are those I unlock afterwards: alt text

  • Ben 10 Fans

    Is your 10 selected aliens gonna have ultimate forms to go with that and I mean all of them

  • @npzman Most probably yes

  • @Mortie-10 Here's mine

    I believe that it is a really balanced playlist with a range of different aliens, none of whom are too overpowered meaning that they are all of equal importance in my eyes. People may question why I have Rath in there instead of a proper strength alien like Four Arms or Humungousaur for melee combat, but the reason is that the Appolexian transformation would help me be fearless in battle. I'm by nature a quiet person who isn't the first one to put their hand up for a fight and I'd definitely be terrified if I had to engage in hand to hand combat, and Rath's personality would help me overcome that. Or else I could just swap him with Four Arms.

    Buzzshock and Feedback are also argued to be similar but I think that Feedback is more general when it comes to energy absorption and, well, feedback and is my personal favourite out of all the absorbing aliens. Buzzshock however is more electricity-specific and has powers which Feedback doesn't which makes me have him on my roster.

    I tried my best not to include any "fusion" aliens like Echo Echo or Jetray (especially not Jetray) as I find that they're too overpowered. Big Chill is the exception here, but only really because I would be worried about using Ghostfreak because of the Ectonourite personality thing.

    I also tried to include my favourite canon designs of all of them. Granted Pesky Dust's design is a bit unrealistic for me even though I like the idea of the alien, but it's the only one we ever got.

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