Was it weird to anyone else at the time that Omniverse completely ditched ultimate aliens?

  • I remember at the conclusion of Ultimate Alien, I was really surprised to see that Ultimate Aliens were ditched for Omniverse. It was just weird to me to see them come up with this concept of evolution for Ben's aliens just to ditch it when the next series came around. In the long run, I don't think it was a bad move but it's just weird to me.

  • @cooljay7 I hate that the Ultimate Aliens where ditched in Omniverse. They are one of the reasons I love Ultimate Alien, and I hate OV for removing them.

  • @cooljay7 From what I recall, they weren't completely ditched. They were just used by Albedo from that point onward. Considering that they were trying to go back to the style of the Original Series, I guess I can see why they had Ben stop using the Ultimate Aliens. I think it was for the better. I'm not a fan of the Ultimatrix and Ultimate Aliens.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa I like them conceptually but I feel like for some of the Ultimate Aliens they could've just been a brand new alien species. I don't see how Ultimate Swampfire and Swampfire are meant to be from the same species. To me that seems like a completely different alien as opposed to an evolution to Swampfire. Even though I like the concept, I can't say I missed Ultimate forms in Omniverse.

  • @cooljay7 I think that the concept of Ultimate Aliens was...interesting to say the least. My problems were the fact that there were barely any evolutions compared to Ben's large roster and the fact that a lot were either uncreative or alternatively unrealistic. Ult. Swampfire and Ult. Echo Echo are believable as battle-hardened evolutions of the originals but Ult. Cannonbolt just...grew spikes, and Ult. Humoungousaur somehow got rocket launchers (look I get that certain mutations in a species genome can be odd but evolving over time to get rocket launchers? Bit of a stretch).

    Personally I think that the Ultimatrix works far better as Albedo's tool than Ben's and highlights the differences between the Omnitrix and the Ultimatrix in that the second was made to be a weapon first and foremost without the considerations of peaceful understanding between species which was Azmuth's original vision. And in Omniverse while Albedo has the Ultimates, Ben has a larger range of aliens he can turn into and while he is not as intellectually gifted as Albedo he has the creativity to counter him.

    Speaking of which, it was a bit of a missed opportunity in Ultimate Alien where they could've shown how Ben liked that the Ultimatrix was far more battle-suited than the Omnitrix with evolutions and whatnot. However as the series goes on we could've seen Ben realise (through his interactions with other species as well as discovering the Ultimatrix's flaws/lack of non combat features( that the watch was never meant to be a weapon. We could've seen him over time respect Azmuth's motivations more and more, to the point where it makes sense as to why Azmuth asks him to relinquish the Ultimatrix at the end of UA.

  • @coreofthesun I do agree that it's a better tool for Albedo to have. It's kind of like hey I'm more powerful than you but Ben like you said through his creativity and what not always finds a way to win. And yeah some of the aliens don't feel like evolutions. To me Ult. Swampfire feels like a completely different species. While aliens like Ult. Cannonbolt and Big Chill are remarkably similar to their normal counterparts.

    I honestly wouldn't mind if they took the Ult. Aliens and made them "new" aliens in the future. What I mean is they could make it so that aliens like Big Chill/Ult. Big Chill and Cannonbolt/Ult. Cannonbolt are variants of the same species. In other words, make it like Upchuck Perk and Murk. And then they can make aliens like Ult. Spidermonkey and Ult. Echo Echo new aliens from a different, yet similar species to Spidermonkey and Echo Echo.

  • @coreofthesun @cooljay7 I'd honestly rather prefer that the Ultimatrix wasn't a thing in the first place. Same goes for pretty much every other variation of the Omnitrix throughout the franchise. And Primus. And the various upgrades that the Omnitrix in the reboot show had. My issue with there being more than one Omnitrix and having so many variations of it is that it makes the original Omnitrix feel less special and unique. I also think it undermines Azmuth and his achievement in creating it as well.

    The original Omnitrix is a very special and revolutionary device created by one of the most intelligent minds in the known universe. In fact, it's so special and revolutionary that many have done all sorts of evil and messed up stuff in order to get their hands on it and weaponize it. That's why Azmuth went into exile in the Original Series. He invented things to help make the universe better and more peaceful yet people take his inventions and use them as weapons to cause more harm than good. The Omnitrix is no exception to this. Pretty sure Azmuth doesn't want the means of recreating the Omnitrix to get out either. There are some that want to use it as a weapon; to use it for evil. The Omnitrix is THE prize here.

    Start introducing stuff like the Ultimatrix, the Nemetrix, the AntiTrix, etc. and the Omnitrix is no longer special. Start introducing stuff like Primus and the Omnitrix is no longer THE prize. With how revolutionary and impactful the creation of the Omnitrix was, I think it's better for the Omnitrix to remain as a one-of-a-kind device.

    I think there can be some exceptions though. Ben's son, Ken, wants to follow in his father's footsteps. He wants to be a hero like his father. Therefore, I think it's fine for Ken to have an exact replica of the original Omnitrix just as long as it's not better than the original Omnitrix. Little Moments also did something that I thought was quite interesting and that is that the Plumbers created their own replicas of the Omnitrix but they were VERY limited on what they were able to achieve. They have quite limited data on the Omnitrix and not as advanced levels of technology to rely on. They also recruited Dr. Animo to help them create these very replicas. Because the Plumbers were so limited on what they could replicate, the best that they could create were watches that could only hold one DNA sample and that's it. They're replicas of the Omnitrix but they're inferior and limited compared to the Omnitrix. They also assumed that the Omnitrix latched itself onto Ben because kids were able to better adapt to it. Therefore, folks like Alan Albright, Manny Armstrong, Helen and Pierce Wheels, Michael Morningstar, etc. all became involuntary candidates to use these watches. Suffice to say, the Little Moments' version of the Plumbers were turning children into weapons. I thought that was really interesting and a really neat way of setting up the Plumbers' Kids compared to how the shows set them up. I think it also helped make Dr. Animo and the Plumbers more interesting as well.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa Yeah I get where you’re coming from. The idea of Primus was stupid and I’m fairly sure that is a concept which a lot of the fandom hate - it was established that the Omnitrix was a DNA storage device, not a wireless receiver. The Ultimatrix or Nemetrix could’ve worked really well if they were done right, the first was an inferior rip-off made by Azmuth’s assistant and the second was a version which could transform the user into the natural predator of a lot of Ben’s aliens, again inferior but suited to the uses of Khyber who is a hunter. However I think Ben should’ve kept his original Omnitrix rather than continuously switching between new models (though maybe that was for toy sales more than anything else) and it should’ve been clearly highlighted that the original version made by the genius of Azmuth was far superior to any kind of replica

    The idea in Little Moments/Breaking Point is cool (although personally I prefer the origin of the Amalgam kids where their DNA is spliced with alien DNA from Ben’s original aliens) and I wish that any other versions of the Omnitrix were implemented that well.

  • Ben 10 Fans

    While Ultimate Alien is one of my personal favourite they could of have executed the ultimate alien forms a lot better then they did. The roaster of ultimate aliens should have been 10 at least...

  • @coreofthesun I'm pretty sure it was done to sell toys. And yes, if there's going to be another variation of the Omnitrix, it should be inferior to the original Omnitrix.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa Yeah it is slightly annoying that they used the series to sell more toys and merchandise over time. Although I find it funny that despite all the Omnitrix models. they never made an Albedo Omnitrix/Ultimatrix despitethat was one of the reasons that Albedo was such a popular character - because he was Ben but with a red colour scheme . I bet that everyone back in the day wanted a red Omnitrix.

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