Why Alien X soooo weak in Reboot?

  • I mean hes extremely weaker than Classic Alien X.Hes not even star level let alone Multiversal or universal level. I was never a fan of reboot but I was getting some hope that My favorite alien will get its Shine.Hell no they made him dirty they made him pathetic!Alien X shouldve posses the power to wipe out of his enemies from existence with a thought. No like reboot Ben said You didnt even stand a chance against us. In my mind reboot will always be a non canon.

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    This is what happens when Man of Action allows incompetent writers to work on the show. That's is Cartoon Network's trick to kill off the franchise entirely by stealth. You can't outsmart us here and you will be put on notice.

  • They kiiled the ben 10.I also didn`t expect it from MoA.Ben 10 died with Dwayne McDuffie.

  • @Starbeard "Alien X should've possessed the power to wipe out his enemies from existence with a thought."

    Stuff like this is why I don't like Alien X. Why I consider Alien X to be one of the worst aliens in the franchise. Stuff like that is incredibly overpowered and completely kill the tension of battles. Alien X shouldn't have even existed in the first place.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa I love Alien X, he is one of my favorite aliens. But you are welcome to dislike him how much you want, Im just so tired that Kuro uses him as an excuse all the time. "But hey, Alien X"

  • @Mortie-10 Because he's Alien X. When you have an alien that's so powerful and godlike that he can recreate an entire universe, then yeah, he pretty much is an ideal excuse for every conflict that Ben faces.

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    Is Atomix also too overpowered ? Ben can just win any battles with way big. There is lots of overpowered aliens but they get used the least for some reason.

  • @npzman I would argue that Atomix is pretty overpowered as well. However, I do think there's a really interesting way of balancing him out and it's something like this.

    As for Way Big, I don't think he's overpowered simply because his size limits his use. Ben needs a lot of space in order to use Way Big, thus making that alien quite situational.

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    Yeah Alien X was used a lot in omniverse but used twice in UAF. Honestly I do wish Alien X had gotten more screentime on UAF

  • @Mortie-10 said in Why Alien X soooo weak in Reboot?:

    @Tactical-Ochoa I love Alien X, he is one of my favorite aliens. But you are welcome to dislike him how much you want, Im just so tired that Kuro uses him as an excuse all the time. "But hey, Alien X"

    Ben should've never got full control of Alien X. Using Serena and Bellicus was the perfect way to limit just how overpowered he is, and I feel that "Universe vs Tennyson" was made more due to the sheer popularity of Alien X and the general desire by the fandom to see Ben use him to his fullest. The fact that they gave him full control of Alien X after that was stupid and makes every other alien in the Omnitrix useless.

    I'll admit, two things which bug me about Omniverse are the fully controlled Alien X and the failsafe which basically makes Ben unbeatable by turning him into the ideal alien for the situation if his life is at peril. That for me sucked out the stakes of the story since Ben can turn into a literal god anytime he wants and just snap the conflict away. It makes any serious situation involving Ben less meaningful because we know that 99 times out of 100. he's going to survive. I'm not opposed to Celestialsapiens existing but giving Ben full control of the transformation was a huge mistake. As was the Omnitrix failsafe.

    I know that "But hey, Alien X" is practically a meme at this point but for the record Kuro does actually do a really good job in 5YL of explaining why Ben does everything he can not to use Alien X. As Ben gets older he understands more and more about Azmuth's true motivation behind creating the Omnitrix for greater understanding among different species rather than as a weapon. Ben knows that every alien in the watch matters and that he as the wielder of it should embody that principle. Of course he has his favourite aliens, but using Alien X for him would make the world that he protects not feel genuine (it's almost like using the cheat codes of a videogame), and he doesn't believe that he as a flawed human has the right to use the powers of a god shape reality to his choosing.

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