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    I know alot of you guys are worried that this show will have comedy but the thing is the original ben 10 had comedy also. Every show needs comedy to work or else it gets stale. Like omniverse i feel (and i know some of you might not agree) it had a perfect amount of comedy to compliment the action. Its a part of bens character to be a smart mouthed person and always quip the bad guys. Im fine with comedy i loved omniverse yes maybe sometimes it was a little over the top but it had just the right mix of action and comedy plus it knew when to take itself serious like in the feedback getting destroyed scene that was pure gold we need more stuff like that and if we get that i will be satisfied a little comedy in between that is totally fine with me i mean the characters arent robots.

  • @Omni-Triforcer I agree, I don't mind comedy as long as it's done right and doesn't make your I.Q go down. I also liked the Feedback ep when Ben lost him, it showed Ben really cared and showed that he has emotions. I hope we might have a little drama (not too much) that makes the characters real (and they are real to me) in the reboot.

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    i mean if the comedy was as much of the show as it is in adventure time or ttg of course i would be pissed but since it probably wont be im fine.

  • @Omni-Triforcer I agree, I like to see some balance between comedy and action like what the original series did.

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    i feel that if there was no comedy they would basically be robots. In real life comedy is so relevant having comedy just makes it more real but to much is to much. I mean if you watch the Avengers movies or guardians of the galaxy there is alot of comedy in them to but it doesnt overshadow the action thats what i want

  • @Omni-Triforcer Fans aren't concerned as to whether or not the Ben 10 reboot will have any comedy in general. The fans are concerned about whether the reboot will be a comedy show or an action show with comedic elements. They don't want a comedy show out of the Ben 10 reboot. They want an action show with comedic elements. Not every show needs comedic elements to make them work either. It helps but not always. There have been many shows on television that have either very little comedy or no comedy at all and they were entertaining and fun to watch.

    If you think that Omniverse had a perfect amount of comedy in it, that's fine but most fans despise Omniverse and one major reason why is that to them, including me, there's too much comedy in Omniverse. At least most of the time, Omniverse focused so much on comedy that it overpowered the action and more dark and serious moments. Many fans don't like Alien Force and Ultimate Alien one major reason being that because it was too dark and not light enough. Most fans hate Omniverse one major reason being that because it was too light and not dark enough. To most fans of Ben 10, Omniverse felt more like a comedy show with action elements instead of an action show with comedy elements. The original Ben 10 was an action show with comedic elements. Not a comedy show with action elements.

    Regardless of what Man of Action says about the reboot being more action-oriented, most fans fear that the Ben 10 reboot will be a comedy show anyways. This is most especially because of CN's recent track record with their shows, removing all or most of their action shows and replacing them with comedy shows that are cheaply made using flash art. Even going so far as to turn some of their more action shows into comedy shows, such as Teen Titans Go. The problem isn't that people are worried that the Ben 10 reboot will have comedy in general. The real problem is that people are worried that the Ben 10 reboot will end up being a comedy show and not an action show.

  • I still think that the comedy in this reboot will be a mix between Gravity Falls, Steven Universe and the funny moments Generator Rex has.

  • Honestly, I think that it is fine if it has some comedy. On the other hand, I thought that the Original Series, Alien Force, and Ultimate Alien were much more enjoyable than Omniverse. And this Reboot seems like its going to be more like Omniverse.

    Btw the Original Series did not have comedy as a genre.

    Here are the genres below:

    Original Series, Alien Force, and Ultimate Alien: Action/Adventure
    Omniverse and Reboot: Action/Adventure/Comedy

    Also, Alien Force and Ultimate Alien had a bit of drama, which I found to be enjoyable.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa I also agree that there is too much comedy in Omniverse.
    Honestly, I thought that the best Ben 10 series were Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, I enjoyed the darker, more serious themes. And I did think that Omniverse was too light and I believe that the same thing will happen to the Reboot. No matter what I will watch the Reboot because its Ben 10 (unless if it turns into Teen Titans Go!).

  • @cooljay7 I hope it won't go the TTG route, that would be a really bad idea. I want Ben 10 to be it's own show and not give in to CN and hope MOA will do the reboot right.

  • @Rexfan1333 I don't think that it will go the Teen Titan Go! route because I believe the Cartoon Network is starting to go back to doing things the good, old way. My reasoning behind this is that the new Cartoon Network President (Christina Miller) is going to try to make Cartoon Network better (like it was in 2004). She has already started to do this by no longer having the Hall of Games Award Show. Obviously, this will take a few years to do. All of the shows that are on now and a lot that are coming soon had nothing to do with her; they were led by Stu Snyder (the former president of Cartoon Network). So, all of the bad shows such as Teen Titans Go and Uncle Grandpa will take a few years to die out.

    With all of this being said, I don't think that Cartoon Network will be as good as it was in its prime, but I think that it will become a lot better than it is now.

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    I have to admit ultimate alienwas my favorite im just saying i didnt think ov was That bad

  • @Omni-Triforcer I didn't think that it was a bad show, but comparing it to the other Ben 10's (that were great) it is not good. I would say that it is mediocre.

  • @Omni-Triforcer Honestly, every one of the shows has had comedic aspects. Nobody wants a comedy-centric version of a show that was never comedy-centric. Sure, different versions of the show have had varying levels of comedy in it but then you get into what kinds of things people consider comedy to be, and that's kinda subjective when you take into account people's preferences.

    I think the general consensus here is that people don't want one that has a focus on comedy instead of the story. All of them have had action and whatnot, but I don't think there's ever been demand for a comedy-centric Ben 10 show.

    Whether or not you should be nervous about that idea being tangible, well... I should probably say whether or not you decide to be nervous about that idea being tangible is up to you. Whether or not it's an actual possibility is a very different story. CN (which is a collection of different administrators overseeing a collection of different creators with a collection of different staff members) has a track record in terms of reboots which, at this point, has not been savory, but the subsequent groups under CN (admins, creators, staff,etc.) have different individual track records. These individual groups come together to make things that the people in charge of deciding whether or not it airs have more of a managerial role than an absolute final say like people tend to think.

    Basically, CN is a bunch of different things and shows don't come from the top and trickle down, they come from one layer that another layer takes care of and are overseen by the top layer, and the top layer makes minor changes. People come to them with ideas and they help the people to make the idea tangible. If you're worried about Ben 10 turning into an equivalent of Teen Titans GO! you shouldn't be questioning CN's track record, you need to be questioning the track record of whoever is coming to CN and wanting to make it happen (that being MoA).

  • Here's another thing about comedy shows on Cartoon Network in general. It's how ridiculously common that genre is on CN now. At least most of CN's shows are comedy-centric and take up most, if not all, of the network's schedules. It's like with Nickelodeon doing constant re-runs of Spongebob Squarepants all day, everyday. As far as I know, many, if not most, viewers are really getting sick and tired of seeing all these comedy shows on CN. I certainly am and it even reached the point for me where I wouldn't even want to watch shows like Steven Universe because I'm so tired and fed up of all the comedy shows on CN; especially with Teen Titans Go! taking up most of the schedule. I at least believe that's what's going on with TTG.

    If CN wants to make some comedy shows, that's completely fine but don't overdo it. Don't put in too many comedy shows and have them dominate the schedule because viewers will certainly get sick and tired of watching them and go off to find other networks to watch shows on. CN needs to get themselves out of this"comedy trend" because, at least I believe, that is one of the major factors that are driving off and pushing away viewers. Again, at least a few comedy shows on the network are fine but trying to create a trend with the comedy genre is going to cause problems. I believe that trends tend to just die out pretty quickly because people will get tired of being a part of the same thing over and over and will go off to try and do something that is different yet refreshing to them. I could be wrong here but that's what I believe to be true. Overall, there needs to be an equal balance of various types of shows with an equally structured schedule. To keep mixing things up and putting in more variety with what the network has to offer in order to help maintain viewer satisfaction and keeping them around longer. Make some comedy shows but mix them in with some action shows and drama shows and maybe some horror shows (maybe) and all that stuff and make sure that one genre doesn't dominate the other genres in the network's schedule. CN just needs to mix things up because that is what their viewers want them to do.

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