What NON-Cartoon Network TV channel have you watched Ben 10 on?

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    While we all do know that Ben 10 is a Cartoon Network show, All 5 (and hopefully counting) iterations of the show has aired on non-cartoon network channel outside the US in some countries. I've personally been introduced to Ben 10 when it aired on TV on a non- Cartoon Network channel when they were doing reruns of Ben 10: Omniverse in my country. So since y'all coming from many different countries around the world. Which TV network airs Ben 10 that isn't an international Cartoon Network channel or a Cartoon Network sister channel (e.g Boomerang or Turner) ?

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    For those wondering why I want to know this stuff, it's because of this suggestion I made about listing TV Networks that aired a Ben 10 show around the world for the Ben 10 wiki. Today a wiki admin has just highlighted the blog post and it will be up for voting for 7 days.


    If you have held a fandom.com account for 7 days, made 15 big wiki edits, and made 5 small wiki edits within the last two months for the Ben 10 Wiki. Then hop over to that link above and vote to support this proposal of mine. Let's get this done.

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