Butch Hartman

  • Ben 10 Fans

    Everywhere you go there is always a problematic fandom member that has gone crazy about creators. We now have a creator that's driving fandoms crazy and yes you've guessed it. He's Butch Hartman and he was pretty fun for me to research about.

    Can you respect someone who would think it's a great idea to take a $200 commission from someone and then delivers a traced drawing, refuses to pay Kuro for his animation work that he was contractually owed $1400 while conning kickstarter backers $200K+ for a streaming service that never got made. Not to mention laughing and making fun of a suicide incident.

    Butch has also made a claim that "he can cure autism" this is the dumbest thing I've ever heard from an adult. Really how out of touch can you get. Autism isn't a disease that's curable. I don't know too much about Autism myself as I am someone from outside the spectrum but I do have friends who are inside the spectrum that would be very offended by his sick comments on autism.

    And I thought Ben10KClub was very very terrible but Butch really take the cake here.

    As there is no sign of Butch leaving the scene anytime soon. There is no doubt the rabbit hole will go deeper and deeper, and he'd be talked about a lot more in the months and months ahead but for all the wrong reasons.

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