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    As the Ben 10 reboot is soon meeting it's end, the future of the Ben 10 franchise is unclear for us at the moment.

    I think we are likely going to have a sequel set in the current Ben 10 reboot continuity or get another reboot. We also have a rumoured Kevin 11 spin off. Obviously my expectations are low but give me your speculations and thoughts on this.

  • From what I've heard, Man of Action has some disagreements with Cartoon Network on what would come next for Ben 10 so I don't know if they're going to be involved for the next show. Regardless, coming from Man of Action and Cartoon Network, I don't really have much faith in whatever this next entry in Ben 10 would be.


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  • Is there any chance that we could get the original continuity back, like at all? I really thought that a Ken 10 series would've been a great idea post-Omniverse because that way kids would still be able to follow and grow up with a young protagonist but the orignal fans would still be happy with Ben still involved. Plus it would be great to see Kenny grow out from the shadow of his father and become his own person and I think that the show could tie in to the Time War arc of Omniverse. Recently I learned that Derrick J. Wyatt shared this opinion in that a Ken 10 series would've been a better idea than the reboot which we got in the end. But as Ochoa said CN haven't really given any indication of making genuinely good shows again as of late

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    @coreofthesun said in 6th Ben 10 Series:

    Is there any chance that we could get the original continuity back, like at all?

    That's what I've been wanting all these times a Ben 10 show set in the original continuity or another Ben 10 reboot done right this time. I did also wanted a Ben 10K /Ken 10 series which would basically be the batman beyond of Ben 10.

  • @coreofthesun I think the next show is most likely going to be in the reboot continuity. But I do think that theres a very slim chance we go back to the original continuity next. Reason I say this is because of the video that @Tactical-Ochoa posted. From what we know, Man of Action wants to leave the OG continuity behind and if they are having a disagreement with CN could that disagreement be over going back to the OG continuity? I could see a scenario where we go back to the OG continuity on HBO Max. The only thing is I can't see them ditching the Reboot because of toy sales. Could they possibly have two Ben 10 series going on at once? A sequel to the reboot and then a sequel to Omniverse?

  • @cooljay7 I think that it’s possible but would need a lot of support from the fandom, and we don’t even know what form this new series will take, whether it’ll be a spin-off or a series focusing on adult Ben and his journey to becoming Ben 10,000. Unfortunately I agree that they won’t just leave the reboot given how big a cash cow it is for them in terms of merch sales. I’m happy that kids are still enjoying Ben 10 but they as well as the original continuity fans deserve a better series.

    As I said my personal opinion is that a Ken 10 series would be the best option for a HBO max show. Doing yet another complete reboot of the series again would be too much and I think that the series would still be able to do justice to the other 4 installements while still telling a unique story in its own right.

  • @coreofthesun Yeah, fans would need to be heavily involved to bring the original continuity back soon. Unfortunately, I haven't seen much of an outcry for them to bring it back. I know D.C. Network has said in some of his videos that we need fan involvement like there was with Star Wars The Clone Wars. For years fans were using #SaveTheCloneWars and eventually that show came back for an additional 12 episodes.

  • I really hope the 6th Ben 10 show is a HBO Max series that is more mature and more story driven than Omniverse and the reboot. Im tired of childish Ben 10 shows now.

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    Yeah DC offers content for both children and edgy stuff for adults, I don't see why it can't happen under sister platform from CN. I hope it's UAF or UAF inspired

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