Shouldn't Cartoon Network open a dedicated Ben 10 Studio

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    So there was big news that due to the unexpected recent popularity of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. Nick isn't just making another animated entry in the series of the Avatar franchise. They are opening an entire studio dedicated to making animated films and shows to explore that universe and with the amount of avatars past and present, there will be endless story telling for many years to come. Nick fans are beyond excited and ATLAS is ranked to be the best animated Nickelodeon show of all time after all those years.

    That's cool and all, but when it comes to animation, I am more into the Cartoon Network/Warner Bros side of things. Not really much into Nickelodeon or Disney stuff myself. As a Ben 10 fan who loves the series to hell and back, I don't think me and other Ben 10 fans should be left behind, I think there is also endless story telling past, present and future and even in alternative timelines that should be told.

    I also think that there needs to be more Ben 10 shows made inside the original continuity not just in Cartoon Network Studios but they should make an entire studio dedicated to making Ben 10 related content. It should be called Omnitrix Creations, Ben 10 Studios , Bellwood Pictures , Network Plumbers and Tennyson Bros 😆 . I am bad at coming up with good names here, if you got a better idea, share it in a reply to this post.

    What could be better news for Ben 10 fans all over the world to discover a studio getting opened by Cartoon Network making nothing but Ben 10 shows?

    Honestly, I don't really see that happening from what I can tell but it wouldn't be the greatest news EVER!!!

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