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    There has never been a cartoon show that I liked more then Ben 10, but there is another similar series of shows. That I do love to fucking death and it's Bruce Timm's DCAU series of cartoons. I know most of you here likely know what it is already but just in case. I'll still give a brief overview of what it is it anyway.

    It all started back in 1992 when Bruce Timm was developing and working on Batman: The Animated Series and continue making more shows set in that universe until it concluded in 2006 with Justice League : Unlimited. We did had two revival animated movies Batman and Harley Quinn (2017) and Justice League vs The Fatal Five (2019) which I do not consider to be canon to the other shows. So I will not factor in any events from those two films on how I will write in this fan fiction project of mine.

    How will Ben appear in the DCAU, well it would obviously be Teen Ben based on UAF because Dwayne McDuffie did who done a great writing job for Static Shock and Justice League Unlimited. Dwayne did later worked on Ben 10 : Alien Force , Ben 10 : Ultimate Alien aaaaaand juuuust at the very staaart of Ben 10 : Omniverse right before he unfortunately and sadly passed away over 10 years ago now. You will be forever be missed and remembered by fans and by the animation industry. Cartoon network wanted to take some inspiration from the DCAU in terms of the artstyle , writing and overall tone. It wasn't exactly like a DCAU show but you could see them trying. They at least got some actual veterns from the DCAU shows onboard for UAF.

    The fanfiction will not be canon to the original Ben 10 continuity but canon to the DCAU. Since with all the retcons and inconsistencies and how big both the OG Ben 10 and DCAU Continuities. It would be very hard for me to ensure they will mesh together well.

    My strict policy on the fanfiction is that there will be no plot holes and I leave no stone unturned on that. So while I did watch everything DCAU at least twice. I will rewatch it all again tonight to refresh my memory and watch all watchtower database videos that I may have missed to ensure I am caught up on that as well. I am taking the consistency thing seriously even going as far to notice small details like how in Gotham girls the gas used on Poison Ivy in a episode would affect her but in BTAS Ivy stated she's naturally immune to all poisons.

    Who will do all the artwork ? Myself why because firstly I got no money to commission others and secondly it's always good to learn a new skill. Why ask someone else for their fish when I can just get a fishing hook and learn how to get my own fish. All the software , tools and resources are out there for anyone who's willing to put the time and effort to take advantage of them. If they can do it then why can't you ?

    So yeah I am gonna try to give it a go with learning to do digital 2D drawings and then draw a 15-16ish year old Ben 10 done in true dcau artstyle TNBA/STAS onwards. If there is positive feedback from fans. Then I'd feel encouraged start to draw the aliens as well and since it isn't UAF Ben. I can decide my own top 10 aliens which will be my personal favourites to then introduce in DCAU.

    Commissions can go as high and beyond $200 for even one small Ben 10 alien even if the artist never worked in a industry capacity yet. There will be no tracing or using other people's artwork as mine obviously but considering how that has been a very problematic and common thing in this fanbase I really had to say that. It's sad that it did came down to me having to say that.

    As for the writing, I will do it but I can't do this alone I need proofreaders and other writers to aid me. However I will get started on writing and developing the ideas for the stories. Please feel free to donate some ideas here and I will post my own here as I go. This project is in the early stages so there is a lot to do. Together we can make this the best fanfiction around.

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