Man of Action won't rule out Sonic and Ben 10 Crossover

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    I'm no Sonic fan but apparently the creators of Ben 10 is working on a new sonic TV series called "Sonic Prime" which will stream on Netflix in 2022. What has got my attention is that MOA has expressed minor interest on Twitter for a Sonic and Ben 10 Crossover. Which isn't impossible because Sonic has previously made a appearance in another Cartoon Network show "OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes" In a different OK K.O episode Ben has made a appearance in the 2018 episode "Crossover Nexus" along with Raven and Garnet from TTG and SU.

    Since Sonic is a franchise that I care little to none about and Ben 10 is one of my favourites show ever out there. This is a great opportunity to enlarge both fandoms if they do this right. Which will create new Sonic fans coming from the much greater Ben 10 fandom. Based on my research the sonic games has went downhill since Sonic 06 and the most popular Sonic voice actor ROGER CRAIG SMITH has left the franchise. He was loved by many sonic fans and the last good Sonic TV show was Sonic X.

    Even if they managed to 100% please the Sonic fans and the Sonic Prime went on to beat all the other previous Sonic TV Shows. My most biggest concern is how will they handle Ben 10 in Sonic Prime, which continuity will it use like would it be the Original Continuity , or the Reboot Continuity or just a brand new continuity as I do doubt it would be cannon to anything Ben 10. Would it be a 10 year old Ben or Teen Ben. As am not sure if MOA can be trusted with Ben 10 after what I seen them do with Ben 10 in the recent years. Hopefully with feedback and pressure from fans. They can make something that both Sonic and Ben 10 fans alike would enjoy.

    My only involvement with Sonic Franchise is that I did watched the Sonic Boom TV series and that I got Sonic Mania only because I got it for free back in 2019 as part of my PlayStation Plus subscription that I got in preparation for Crash Team Racing Nitro Fuelled's Online Multiplayer. I only just played a few levels of Sonic Mania before I gave up. Also I no longer got an active PS Plus subscription so I can't play Sonic Mania anymore even if I did cared about the game or Sonic in general. But I will certainly be watching the crossover if it does happen.

    The most interesting thing I could think of happening in a Sonic and Ben 10 crossover is that will there be a hedgehog transformation. I know in UAF and Omniverse. Ben can just scan the alien and the DNA sample will be in the omnitrix/ultramatrix for Ben to transform into. In the Original Series a alien has to do something weird to Ben's omnitrix for the DNA to be collected. As for the reboot I don't know as I haven't watched it. Tell me what you think of such crossover and certainly would love to hear your opinions on this ?

    Here my source which is this twitter link below:

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