I think I'm going off the website

  • I've been here for over a year, when I started to be more outgoing on social media.

    I've been wanting to participate in the fandom ever since I got back into it, so I decided to join Ben 10 Club.
    But now, the community around here is just so... dull, empty, toxic.
    I feel there's nothing left here for me anymore. There's no discussion about headcanons, no fanart sharing, no fanfic talk, nothing you usually find in a fandom.
    No theories, no talk about which toys we'd get. Recently, there's only like, 2 or 3 other people still using the website, and all there has been was complaining recently.

    This isn't about the reboot, the writers or the show itself. This is just about this website. There's nothing else I can find, nothing else to talk about when all the current stuff there is is just complaining. There's nothing keeping me in here anymore. I'll still be available on other places but, this will be the last message I'll be posting on this website for a while.

    This was Ungrateful-Wolf, and I'm sorry.


  • @ungrateful-wolf understandable. The state of the website just reflects the show. there's not much going on with the show, and so the website is in a slump as well. i'm sorry that things aren't working out for you.

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