Kevin and the Anti-trix

    Well, we got some info on the anti-trix. seems that kevin built this thing, but only because someone put it in his mind, meaning he's a pawn. probably vilgax's. he tampered with the initial design in his own ways, meaning he's something of a mechanic. This means his aliens are stronger then normal, but more mentally unstable. he can't time out, meaning he can last out a fight against ben until he times out.

  • @offbeatcat Yep, Kevin built that thing after receiving the blueprints in a dream. The current design is the one he drew after getting the plans through his mind, but he knew enough about technology to modify the way the aliens work and give them "upgrades", making them close to Albedo's OV ultimates.
    Also, if you didn't watch the episode yet, the reason why he's after Ben is because... Ben and Kevin are actually classmates, and Kevin has been bullying Ben during fourth grade whenever he had the occasion. In class, during lunch, study hour or even at the bathroom (Ben is scared of public bathrooms because of Kevin).
    Also, check out this fun callback
    0_1546896967888_ef986650-f1ba-4814-a55f-cbdb772deae4-image.png 0_1546897007059_dd5c02f9-4fbc-480f-a56d-f4fd4f763893-image.png
    (he even got the shoes!)

  • @offbeatcat Really? You're telling me that some 11 year old kid somehow managed to make a replica of an alien watch? Where did Kevin even get all of the parts and DNA samples to make it? Christ, I thought the autistic kid in the 2018 Predator film was absurd.

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    @tactical-ochoa I thought you where autistic too, and still you bully me (another person thats autistic) and calling another autist for absurd? You are not really autistic, are you?

  • @mortie-10 this has nothing to do with you.

  • Calling it now: Kevin's aliens are all the aliens of this season, plus gax.

  • @mortie-10 I'm bullying you? Really? That's what you're going with here? Don't even.

  • Oooooooh, Ben vs Gax would be amazing! Not only do we have a "pseudo-Vilgax" that way, but Ben would be fighting his favorite 11th alien!

    Also, I THINK there's a possible explanation as to how Kevin acquired the samples, though I'll wait for the show to confirm it or prove me wrong:

    As we saw in Innervasion, when Ben put a piece of Fulmini armor in a pod, it sampled it and allowed him to become Shock Rock. All he needs was a piece of the alien to turn into said alien's species.
    This means that all Kevin has to do, is to look for alien samples on the planet. And considering Ben left QUITE the damage and the bits here and there during his combats, he must've left a fair amount of DNA samples roaming around. Diamondhead, Wildvine, Stinkfly... They all left their marks here and there around the country using their powers. It's possible that Kevin followed Ben's progress around the country and sampled his aliens from Ben's own roster. All I wonder is which ones he didn't sample, and which ones he did beside Cannonbolt (for Wreckingbolt)

  • @ungrateful-wolf While i doubt they'd explain that, it would lend a bit more logic to how kevin built his anti-trix. although we still have the massive hoop of HOW THE FUCK DID HE GET SOME OF THE ALIEN MATERIALS NEEDED TO BUILD ONE OF THESE

  • @offbeatcat Part of me is thinking of asking Man of Action themselves on Twitter.

  • @tactical-ochoa go ahead. i'd love to hear what bullshit they make up on the spot.

  • @offbeatcat Vilgax managed to create a spaceship out of rusty cars from an abandoned car factory (as well as provide Zombozo with the right tech to mass hypnotize). Animo also managed to apply Omnitrix DNA samples to himself in "Animorphosis" thanks to his knowledge in genetics and technology, Kevin doesn't surprise me that much in his way of pulling stuff of nowhere.
    Plus, as we all know, Kevin is famous for stealing. I think it'd be in-character for him to take that tech away if he finds it, he has a talent for taking stuff that doesn't belong to him, or acquiring it illegally (even though he's still just a kid and pretty harmless aside from being a bully).
    Whatever tech Kevin needs, it apparently wouldn't be that hard to acquire it on Earth as long as he has the right knowledge to make use of it. Aliens knew how to make basic Earth tech into war machines, Kevin could do something similar with the blueprints (wonder WHY those were sent to him. What is Kevin in this universe beside Ben's school bully?)

  • Uhhhhh, guys, maybe we should wait until they explain it in the show proper instead? Asking for answers now would maaaaaaaaybe be spoiling us if they have something in mind. For example, the Omni-Enhancements weren't really explained until Glitch said they were a side-effect of the Fulmini DNA absorbing the Omnitrix's excessive charge.
    Plus, I don't think fans are usually supposed to get answers from show writers right away like that... It usually takes some more time.

  • @ungrateful-wolf fair point. i just hope they actually do explain it.

  • I'm giving it a try anyways.

  • @tactical-ochoa best of luck.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @offbeatcat it's fan art

  • @val thank you for clearing this up. i'll do more research in the future.

  • 0_1547143952794_ben10butkillme.jpg
    Well....i guess we now have a look at more of kevin's original ocs

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