Ben 10 reboot discussion: Season 3

  • @Offbeatcat If they're going with the reboot version of Kevin, I feel as if it's not really going to be much different from reboot Ben considering that Kevin (for some stupid and unnecessary reason) now has his own Omnitrix instead of his original abilities. Granted, Kevin'll likely be even worse than Ben considering how Kevin acts like such a childish brat that intentionally bullies others and finds enjoyment out of it. Why should people root for someone like him in his own spin-off show? Even then, I just find it to be unnecessary overall. Kevin (old and new version) isn't the type of character that's really deserving of his own spin-off.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa It prob is reboot Kevin but it would be awesome if it was the og Kevin.

  • If it was the OS Kevin we could see a lot more screen time of the villains from Ben 10.

  • @cooljay7 Well, like I said, I don't find old and new version of Kevin to really be the type of character to deserve a spin-off show based around him. At least to me, I don't really care about giving more screen time to the villains of the franchise. I care more about fulfilling that potential that the franchise still has and further developing Ben and Gwen as characters as well as Ken and Devlin. I care more about going for that Ben 10,000 direction. Etc. That's something that the franchise actually needs. Not some unnecessary spin-off of Kevin.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa Same I would much rather have a Ben 10,000 series than a Kevin spin-off but at this point I'd rather have an OS Kevin spin-off than nothing for the original timeline.

  • To be honest, what i think the reboot needs is more time with a story. Story has always been the afterthought of each season. They need to chill with the seasons and merch, and just put more time into a season. plan things out.

  • @cooljay7 That is if the spin-off is going to involve OS Kevin, which I doubt is going to be the case. If this spin-off show really is going to happen, it's more likely going to involve reboot Kevin since that the reboot is what's currently going on right now. I wouldn't even be surprised if the Kevin spin-off show is being made just to sell more toys and merchandise too.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa It's all but confirmed that it is, as shown by the pattern. Here's hoping the show at least gets a different team of writers.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa I agree with you. It's going to be reboot Kevin and it's 100% being made to sell more merchandise.

  • Now that all of season 3 has aired, I know it's been a while and it's a dumb thing to act this petty and return in a topic that was left away, even for something as trivial as that but...

    @Ungrateful-Wolf said in Ben 10 reboot discussion: Season 3:

    BECAUSE0_1546794624892_ca0b6525-54f3-4419-be3e-3ea9142887a1-image.png 0_1546794682151_648addfc-8cff-4317-846d-4e30db833365-image.png 0_1546794752678_11c02747-178c-44d5-8310-d3251e738adb-image.png 0_1546794779989_6a09f145-b98a-46dc-9545-9a43d1104b3f-image.png 0_1546794804936_27ccee5a-7eb2-4bf5-9bc2-2a0495b24279-image.png 0_1546794820740_25768690-706d-4dee-9f0b-3196d7245858-image.png 0_1546794865245_b5fb5daa-11ae-445a-bddb-0461d97d1db0-image.png 0_1546794903425_10b8a52a-0963-41aa-b06f-fea860ca2430-image.png

    And he has been trying to use or recruit Ben for some evil plan. If we've been building up to this for the past two seasons...
    Please let Ben be okay, please have the evil jerk recruit him peacefully without torture...

    @Offbeatcat said in Ben 10 reboot discussion: Season 3:

    i love the idea. I really do. But as this is the reboot, i don't think they were ever trying to make this an overarching story. it's merely a string of coincidences. We can't get our hopes up YET.









    Again, I really am sorry for acting this petty but


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