Ben 10 reboot: A positives discussion

  • I decided to check in on the place after about a year or so. Shock of shocks, nothing's changed. Ochoa's still a jerk who wants everyone to share his opinion, and tries to make anyone who disagrees feel small and insignificant. This discussion is to talk about the best aspects of this reboot. If you've got a positive thing to say, say it.

  • The reboot does multiple renditions of the same alien transformation, doing it in different ways for no good reason. This may be a minor detail, but it's a little thing that wasn't required, but was done anyways.

  • I feel that Ben and Gwen actually are developing. Unlike OS where they were nice to each other rarely and I felt I could watch episodes out of order with how little progress there was in their relationship, I was so relieved and so glad to see not only Gwen feeling genuine remorse and sympathy for Ben when she realized she was wrong about doubting, but Ben genuinely valued her input and support, openly so.
    It's so great to see that they can be cousins, live under the same (car) roof for the summer, bicker like siblings and show care, but OPENLY show care, and episodes like the S1 finale show they care about each other JUST AS MUCH as in OG, if not more.

  • I appreciate Ben's reckless upgrading of the omnitrix having long term consequences. in a sense, vilgax was right. Ben couldn't control shock rock, and paid the price, almost losing everything.

  • Something positive is that the reboot has given us a vague idea of how the omnitrix functions. May not be super clear, but we have some things to use in drawing our own conclusions.

  • @offbeatcat And none of the other Ben 10 shows didn't do this already?

  • @tactical-ochoa In this canon. This is meant to be a POSITIVE channel

  • @offbeatcat It's still nothing new in this franchise. We've already got vague ideas on how the Omnitrix functions in the previous Ben 10 shows. The previous Ben 10 shows already tackled Ben's recklessness and the negative consequences that they create. The difference is that in the reboot, Ben either barely or never learns from his actions as he makes a trend of often making the same mistakes over and over. The reboot doing multiple renditions of the same alien transformations? Pretty sure that was already done before in the other Ben 10 shows. Ungrateful-Wolf stating how he felt that Ben and Gwen actually are developing? Pretty much everything that he described has already been done before in the previous shows. Just on a much better level because no Ben and Gwen don't actually develop and grow as characters in the reboot. They still remain in the same state as characters that they started off at back when the reboot first premiered. Again, Ben keeps repeating the same mistakes and keeps behaving the same way since the very first episode. A character that does that didn't go through proper character development and growth. It doesn't matter if the reboot is in a different canon. These things have already been done before and done so in a much better way.

  • @tactical-ochoa This is a positivity channel. Keep your negative remarks in some other channel.

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