Why was never Gwen naked in the show?

  • From the start of Alien Force, I always wanted Gwen to appear nude in the show just because shes beautiful. I know people is gonna say: «We cant have nude females in cartoons». But I say, why not? Male characters is naked the whole time in cartoons. And Im not saying that Gwen should been showing of her boobs and vagina. They could just censor her or something.

    And Im not thinking only Gwen should have been naked. Nudity is something the Ben 10 cartoon lacks. Only Eunice have been nude. They should have more nude scenes in the show. That would have freshed up the show and also adedd some comedy.

    I hope Im not irritating a certain someone here now, and if Im, I really dont care.

  • I know you guys hate subjects like these (dont know why), but atleast take your time to talk about this. A naked girl is not the end of the world.

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    I'd like to outline that this user has been banned from at least two Ben 10 discord servers that I've used to be in with him. As the moderators there said that he was found to be drawing/making NSFW edits of underage characters of Gwen, which she was depicted as 10, 11 ,15 and 16 throughout the Ben 10 shows.

    On top of that he has DM'd multiple users including myself a invite link to a "Ben 10 porn server" and I'm underage. He deleted most of his social media accounts including his discord but I do still have the discord chats to prove it.

    I don't see how this kind of behaviour should be accepted in any community let alone a community of a children's cartoon and that's for his behaviour on this site alone.

    Also I think Mortie needs to see a psychologist before things gets worse.

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    but atleast take your time to talk about this.

    Creep has a creepy obsession of underage characters

    Creep gets confused why no one wants to be around him

    I can't stop laughing lmao

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    You can even ask @Ultimate-OmniTri (Omni Tri Forcer) if you think I'm making this up and honestly I really wish I was.

  • @npzman Granted, you've been banned from the Ben 10 Club before for harassing people...and banned from other Ben 10 fan groups as well. You're not really the best person to speak out against this sort of behavior.

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    This post is deleted!

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    True but even Mortie has been banned from other Ben 10 related places that I've never been banned from before and I don't do those sort of stuff I used to do anymore.

  • I still believe 16 year old Gwen should have been naked in the show. Really wish it happens in a future Ben 10 series on HBO Max, where Gwen is a teenager again and have to walk the school naked because somebody stole her clothes.

  • @Mortie-10 I mean, it's fine if you want to see Gwen naked. It's just something that they're not going to do in a kids show for the obvious reason of it being inappropriate for kids. If that's something that you want to see, Rule 34 exist for a reason.

  • Gwen was sexy
    and ben too

  • If Ben 10 gets an HBO Max show in the future, I hope we can have a scene with a completely naked Gwen for once. I mean, the girl (I dont remember her name) in Close Enough was naked in one of the season 2 episodes, and only her hands was censoring her. And that was on HBO Max. Really hope that we get to see Gwen in a similar situation.

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