Why was never Gwen naked in the show?

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    From the start of Alien Force, I always wanted Gwen to appear nude in the show just because shes beautiful. I know people is gonna say: «We cant have nude females in cartoons». But I say, why not? Male characters is naked the whole time in cartoons. And Im not saying that Gwen should been showing of her boobs and vagina. They could just censor her or something.

    And Im not thinking only Gwen should have been naked. Nudity is something the Ben 10 cartoon lacks. Only Eunice have been nude. They should have more nude scenes in the show. That would have freshed up the show and also adedd some comedy.

    I hope Im not irritating a certain someone here now, and if Im, I really dont care.

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    I know you guys hate subjects like these (dont know why), but atleast take your time to talk about this. A naked girl is not the end of the world.

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