Will kai become bens love interest?

  • I hope it would be Kai. Because i really liked her or maybe make a reboot of omniverse with every character and no mistakes.

  • @mr-nak213 Having Kai Green in the show itself is a mistake. She doesnt care about Ben. Julie is a mutch better choice.

  • @mortie-10 Yeah, sure, Julie, a character who was so useless, bland, uninteresting, and insignificant to have around, is most certainly a much better love interest for Ben than Kai, who is shown to be much more interesting and significant of a character in the franchise than Julie.

    Will Kai become a love interest for Ben? Christ, will Kai even appear in the reboot show at all?

  • Please, not Julie. Julie is the very definition of 'satellite love interest', a generic female character with a bland personality and no interesting traits who appeared every once in a while just to remind the audience that Ben had a girlfriend.

    Kai is a slightly better option, but I still think there are better choices, like Gwen, Charmcaster, Looma... But I actually hope the Reboot stays away from romance. The dynamic between Ben and Gwen is great, and shoehorning love interests between them would probably be a mistake.

  • Julie doesnt live on a satelite, and she is interestning alright. She is smart, cute, sexy and good at tennis. And she have Ship who can transform her body into a battle armour. Whats wrong with her? Is she bland just because she have fewer appearences than Ben, Gwen and Kevin? Then every Ben 10 character besides Ben, Gwen and Kevin is bland then, huh? Even Grandpa Max? And Looma isnt even pretty. Why is she a better choice? In fact, the only good choice for Ben beside Julie is Eunice.

  • If they ever give Ben a love interest, I want it to be someone he has genuine development with. Julie had development but man, was it thrown around every 5 episodes!
    If they put Kai back, I hope she's introduced in a better way, because while Julie had at least a year to know Ben (right before he broke up with her in the most stupid way possible), Kai literally called him a dog, then kept arguing with him for the most OV episodes until their love story was rushed in at the game show and they got together.
    Worst part was the explanation they've had for Julie "You don't always end up marrying someone you met as a teen." Something they said about Julie, while Ben married someone he met as a 10 YEAR OLD KID.
    Honestly, any character could be a good love interest for Ben if done well. Heck, if they did it in a better way, Gwevin could've been better too. I just hope they don't mess up the new character dynamics too much for the sake of love plot if they ever throw in love interests.

  • @ungrateful-wolf Actually, Julie break up with Ben. Ben didnt even knew their relationship was over.

  • @mortie-10 That's what made it stupid, he broke up without knowing he did like an idiot! I know they wanted to stick to the OS's canon but damn. Other shows with less quality in writing handled relationships like these better

  • @ungrateful-wolf I know. Man, I wish Omniverse was never made.

  • @mortie-10 You do know what a Satellite Love Interest is, right? It's a character trope that reflects how a character is useless and uninteresting and pretty much the only reason why that character is in the show is to be the main character's love interest and that's pretty much it. There's no other reason but that and that alone. Nothing about this trope reflects the character living on an actual freakin satellite. You can look it up yourself on TV Tropes and yes, Julie is listed on the website as an example of a Satellite Love Interest. Many people agree that Julie is a useless, uninteresting, and bland character. Most, if not all, of every defense towards Julie as a character usually reflects her being nice and cute and that's pretty much it.

    What's wrong with Julie? Well surely you should know what I think is wrong with Julie since that I recall that you responded to one of my articles about my criticisms of Julie, with you showing little to no understanding of the points that I was making, on Deviant-art before you soon after deleted your comment. That wasn't the only article that you did that on too. There were a few other recent articles that you responded to on the Ben 10 Club, showing that you have little to no understanding of the points that I was making, before you soon after deleted your comments. Here you are again showing that you have little to no understanding of the issues and criticisms that me and others on here have with Julie as a character. Here you are making a fool out of yourself over not knowing what a simple character trope is.

  • @mortie-10 I do think that Eunice is a better choice than Julie too.
    Julie might have Ship/battle armor, but still she almost never used that. In fact, she always prefered to play tennis and live a normal life instead of fighting alongside Ben against his enemies. Considering how important being a hero is to Ben, a girlfriend who doesn't fully support him with that is incompatible to him, and that put a strain in their relationship. That's why I mentioned Gwen, Charmcaster and Looma: Gwen (my first choice) was Ben's partner ever since day one, she always stood by his side and helped him to fight enemies, even before she had magic. Charmcaster, if developed in a proper way, could also be Ben's partner too. Looma, as a warrior princess, also could help Ben in battle. Eunice, as you mentioned, also showed potential to be an heroic partner to Ben. While Julie is usually not by Ben's side when he is doing his hero stuff, on the contrary, Ben doesn't spend much time with her because being a hero gets in the way of their relationship.

    About Julie being cute, well, when Ben met Kai and Eunice you could see him almost drooling, that wasn't the reaction he had when he met Julie. Besides, for example, you could see a lot of guys "noticing" Gwen's looks (Cooper, Kevin, Morningstar, the Forever Knight's squire, even Kid Ben with the infamous 'big butt' comment...) while in UAF we never see anyone else showing interest in Julie. I think Julie wasn't supposed to be much attractive. Of course, it's ok if we have different opinions about that, but I'm trying to present evidence from the show that seem to imply that, in fact, the characters in-universe don't see Julie as that much attractive.

  • @tactical-ochoa The reason I delete these comments is because of you. I was afraid of you. You where always on my back telling me what to like. But not anymore. Now Im saying everything UAF is canon, and OS, OV and Reboot is non canon. And you cant stop me, no matter what your evil mouth says. Im a free man.

  • @mortie-10 Yes, you're a free man...who's constantly making a fool out of yourself by making such stupid comments and opinions like this. Yes, you're a free man...who has no excuse to NOT be criticized over the very opinions that you make. Just like everyone else. I wasn't the brightest person back then but no, I was not always on your back telling you what you should and shouldn't like; most especially now. You like UAF? Good for you. I don't freakin care. I care more about the stupid stuff that comes out of your mouth. Christ, I made an article stating what I think could be done to improve Professor Paradox and make him a better character and you took it as an insult to the character while also insulting me. Let's not forget to mention the other ridiculous comments that you recently posted on this website. No, I can't stop you from saying whatever you want to say (unless it breaks the rules on this website) but that doesn't mean that I can't criticize your opinions. You have no special excuse to not be criticized nor does anyone else, including me.

    You also have no right to declare something as fact just because you want it to be so. Therefore, you may declare UAF as the only thing that's canon in your own head but that does not make then the only shows that are officially canon. OS, UAF, and OV all fit into one canon universe while the reboot is a canon separate to those other shows and all of that is officially established by Cartoon Network and Man of Action (mostly Cartoon Network) unless they say otherwise. If anything, you just showed to people just how much of a blinded fanboy you are towards UAF. At least I admitted that the Original Series wasn't perfect and have even pointed out some of the issues that I do have with that show. Feel free to correct me here but I've never seen you openly admit that UAF wasn't perfect. I've never seen you openly admit to any issues that you have with those two shows.

  • @tactical-ochoa Merry Christmas

  • @mortie-10 That's an Original Series episode. Not an Alien Force nor Ultimate Alien episode.

  • @tactical-ochoa And a happy new year

  • @mortie-10 Never mind my previous comment then. You're really just being intolerable and childish right now.

  • @tactical-ochoa I actually think he was making a reference to "The Feels" in his comment, but I'm not sure

  • @tactical-ochoa I have a urgent message for General Hugs.

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