Ben 10: My Idea for Malware

  • This one is pretty much a quickie here. Shorter than the usual length of my other articles. I'm not really going to criticize Malware here. He's a decent villain. One of the better aspects of Omniverse. There are certain aspects about him that could be improved but he's alright. I have been thinking of this idea about him for a while though. A direction that I've been thinking could be really interesting to see with this villain. Something that could make Malware stand out more. Make him less conventional and more unique. Something that hasn't really been tackled that much or at all in the Ben 10 franchise. Something that could make Malware much more dangerous and challenging than what we've seen him as in Omniverse. Something that is more reflective of his actual name.

    Yes, what I've been thinking is having Malware behave more like actual malware or an actual virus. He would remain as a Galvanic Mechamorph but something would happen to him that would change his behavior to be more instinctive and remove his traits of being a sentient being while also having a constant hunger for more technology. Almost like a weaponized, zombified Galvanic Mechamorph. Either Malware could be hacked and corrupted or the classic died and resurrected or something of the likes that could put him in that state and then he would be let loose on whatever the intended target would be, consuming whatever piece of technology that's unfortunate enough to be in his path and he takes a particular interest in. The more technology that Malware absorbs and consumes, the bigger, more powerful and thus less controllable he becomes. This could prove to be a very dangerous situation that Ben would have to handle and resolve; especially since that Ben has one of the most advanced pieces of technology in the universe attached to his wrist and Malware would most certainly take a very strong interest in that. Things can also get very intense, scary, and chaotic really fast as well if Malware becomes powerful enough from consuming all sorts of technology. However, Malware can still suffer from the same weaknesses and vulnerabilities that other Galvanic Mechamorphs, and much of technology in general, have but Ben and his allies would really have to exploit and take advantage of those very weaknesses in order to take down Malware. They would really have their work cut out for them. Granted, I don't find this direction to be as long term as Omniverse's portrayal of Malware and likely not as deep but I find that this could make Ben's encounter with Malware to be quite interesting, challenging, and intense and could work well in a different continuity for the Ben 10 franchise.

    Again, this is just a quick topic that I want to make that's shorter than the usual length of my other articles. That's my idea of what I find that could be an interesting direction for Malware. If anyone has any thoughts of their own in regards to this topic, feel free to leave a comment down below.

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