Ben 10 2016 Reboot Season 2 Review: Part 1

  • @blob-takeshi It's not just that episode either. We've seen Heatblast gain flight many times before already in the previous shows and he didn't need some pointless Omni-Enhancement to achieve that.

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    The thing about Heatblast's flight, despite he already has it, they gave him a jetpack to give his flight a turbo boost. Like if they gave Astrodactyl a turbo boost with his jetpack and he would go incredibly as fast as Jetray.

  • @blob-takeshi I'm actually not sure, but considering Heatblast was powered up with Xingo powers, maybe flight was momentarily unlocked because in cartoon logic, fire=propulsion. In real life, fire can't make you fly in the air like in cartoons or anime, you need gas to propulse yourself like that. To fly with just fire, you'd need to be lighter than a feather, which Xingo powers obviously ignore since they come from a reality where laws of physics and logic hardly apply. So giving a plasma/electric/alien/whatever jetpack to Heatblast was a good call, since whatever energy it produces can help Heatblast fly whilst having an explanation (though you need to look it up)

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    Heatblast showcased flight in previous episodes if nobody noticed. Brief Carrier of Lucky Girl, the Morningstar episode, etc. Heatblast is capable of flight, they're just focusing more on his fire aspects while his OE focuses more on boosting his flight so he can use it more often.

  • @tactical-ochoa Point is, it's like giving XLR8 wheels, even though he already has some... oh wait, they did!

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    By the way I wonder when kimcartoon.me is gonna aired new Ben 10 reboot season 2 episodes of "The Sound and Furry" and "The Nature Of Things" and "King Koil" real soon?

  • Can we all agree that this site's petition contributed to the creation of the crappy reboot that completely ruined the series?...

  • No, not all of us

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    This post is deleted!

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    @Tactical-Ochoa Allow me to enlighten you. You were demoted because you swore at someone in a way that was meant to be offensive towards them. If I have sworn on here it was meant to emphasize my point not to offend anyone on here.

    Now that that is out of the way I agree with @Ebomnitrix that you seem bias towards the original series. I get that the original series is the best reviewed and the one that everyone likes but you don’t have to always mention what the reboot does wrong by it.
    @Andrew42 yes you should not have sworn. Please don’t do it again. You weren’t directing at anyone which is why I’m letting it slide but please keep that into consideration next time you want to say a swear word.

  • @ultimate-omnitri And like I said before in a previous comment on this page, I am willing to admit that I do have some bias towards the original Ben 10 show. After all, it is one of my most favorite cartoon shows. Like I said before as well, there are plenty of other things that I have some bias towards as well. It's not just me either. You, @Ebomnitrix, @Andrew42, and everyone else have some bias towards something as well.

    You say that I don't have to always mention what the reboot does wrong by comparing it to the Original Series. Yes, I agree, which is why the only times I ever mentioned the Original Series in my review was when I discussed the main characters (mostly Ben) and their lack of character development and at the end of my review when I make the recommendation to watch the Original Series instead of the reboot. No where else in this very review did I ever mention the Original Series.

  • Someone made a comment on the Deviant-art page of this review in regards to one part of The 11th Alien. In my review, I stated how Gwen and Max fell to Vilgax's trick as well. This person pointed out that this is not true. Looking back at the half-hour special, this person is mostly right on that save for one little moment where Gwen and Max were siding a little more with Vilgax but granted, they still displayed skepticism towards him as well. Therefore I made an edit to my review to fix that issue.

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