Ben 10 Reboot Discussion Part 1: Season 2

  • @ungrateful-wolf he got ben's powers via his own, giving him what ben had, plus his own abilities. here, in the reboot, he just has the anti trix. it takes away the unique part of kevin, which is upsetting.

  • I guess it does take away some of his uniqueness to absorb. Though it may be for the better, since we'd get to see more of him in this season (he appeared about 4 times in OS). Plus, not being an ugly alien mutant right away allows for more screentime, as well as to show more diversity with the alien designs (I know, I know, this allows for more toys, marketing and blablabla).

    Also, during OS era, I barely remember him using his absorption beside his debut, later appearances had him just use Ben's aliens. So, it's not gonna make that much of a difference, it could bring him closer to Albedo (like Frightwig and Morningstar were brought closer to OG Kevin, being kids with powers like Ben does but choosing to hurt others and cause mischief for fun instead).

  • @ungrateful-wolf I only kinda agree. it is nice to see diversity in designs, but i don't think that screentime is relative to his design. And while you have a point about absorption, he had it in his arsenal, and he didn't even use ghostfreak powers either. We'll just need to see where it goes.

  • 9 new eps on the app

  • i do not have access to the app, so if you could explain what happens in these episodes, that would be nice.

  • also, we need to start a new thread. this is too long, and not on season 2.

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