Ben 10 Reboot Discussion Part 1: Season 2

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    I'm surprised no one has talked about this but CN's Upfront is out... and.... Shock Rock is getting Ghostfreaked

    Greenlit for a third season, Ben, cousin Gwen and Grandpa Max are ready for action that will be loaded with epic transformations, never-before-seen aliens and foes, and with high-energy vehicles to kick hero-time into maximum overdrive. New episodes from the current season, including a half-hour special will introduce the newest alien trying to invade Ben’s world – Shock Rock, who is looking to conquer the world and drain the planet of energy and resources. Ben 10 is produced by Cartoon Network Studios and created and executive produced by Man of Action Entertainment.

    Also thanks to some insider info, so.... we are getting new aliens, but with how MOA wants to do things, basically while Upgrade takes Shock Rock's slot, some other new aliens will take other alien slots, keeping Ben at 10. Also new gimmick...?

  • @ebomnitrix Cool.

  • What if that new villain that was shown at toy fair is Shock Rock, some were thinking that the villain was the same species as Shock Rock and if he's going to be treated the same way Ghostfreak was in OS then maybe the new villain is Shock Rock's true from.

    0_1520643992421_Ghostfreak.png VS 0_1520644015861_Zs'Skayr.png

    0_1520644032096_Shock Rock.png VS 0_1520644054612_New Villain.png

    I also believe that Glitch Ben is Shock Rock's doing when he escapes from the Omnitrix.

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    Well I mean the description and the news presented confirms Shock Rock is going to get Ghostfreaked, which explains how Upgrade returns in the Omnitrix, so yeah.

  • @ebomnitrix As long as this whole "Shock Rock getting Ghostfreaked" thing makes sense to the alien, there shouldn't be an issue with it. Granted, considering how they handled everything else with the show, I doubt that it's going to work well with Shock Rock. At least it makes sense with Ghostfreak considering the nature and characteristics of Ectonurites and how it matches up well with the ghost theme. Shock Rock on the other hand? Yeah, I have a good feeling that they're going to screw it up.

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    Two more weeks before the 11th Alien airs in the US, for those who have yet to see the special (I'm assuming everyone has by now) who's hyped?

  • Biggest crack theory ever incoming: the reboot Omnitrix was made to imprison criminals that were considered too powerful and Shock Rock is one of them. It's also why Gax was in there, Azmuth tried to seal Vilgax but only managed to get half of him. The rest of the aliens are also criminals and Ben was turning into villains this whole time. That's why Ben never gets the right alien to save people and has to figure things out but always gets the ones he wants for pranks: the aliens want to cause mischief

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    For the first time since Omniverse, the US may be getting episodes before anyone else.
    Mon April 16th - 6:00 PM (EST) - 222 - Half-Sies
    Mon April 16th - 6:15 PM (EST) - 223 - Xingo's Back
    Mon April 23rd - 6:00 PM (EST) - 224 - Bounty Ball

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    So they will aired new episodes of Ben 10 Reboot season 2 on Cartoon Network? Can't wait to see the new episodes including "Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom" too.

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    Episodes 22-24, aka the episode list I sent above are now up on the CN App and CN Website, they also feature episodes with Shock Rock.

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    I checked out New episodes of Ben 10 Reboot season 2 on CN website and CN app too on my tablet too. Can't wait to see more new Ben 10 Reboot episodes including "That's The Stuff" and "Chicken Nuggets Of Wisdom" really soon

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    There are clips from foreign CN eps that are out from That's The Stuff, and of course the Alien Madness promo (that we didn't get to discuss because of the awkward glitch on the site)
    Chances are the aliens for That's The Stuff are Grey Matter, OE Four Arms and OE Diamondhead.

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    First look at charmcaster in the reboot,
    I like it

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    @ultimate-omnitri she looks too gothic

  • @ultimate-omnitri Pretty much wish I didn't see that. And @james is right. Charmcaster does look too gothic. Just...really? This is really what they decided to go with for her?

  • 0_1523979246984_ben2_26.mp4_snapshot_05.34_[2018.04.18_00.24.36].jpg

  • I've found a small clip of the episode here (but the dub is german)

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    Nice pics of Charmcaster. Love to see more new cartoon pics of Ben 10 Reboot season 2 including new episode "Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom" in the episode when Dr. Animo turned Grandpa Max into a chicken.

  • Well then, Bounty Ball certainly did a good job making Tetrax a generic and uninteresting bounty hunter and unlikable jerk as well as also making the bounty hunters in general pretty much significantly incompetent.

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    I actually really liked bounty ball. Also it seems like this site is becoming less and less active. Doesn’t surprise me with Discord becoming more of the prime site for Ben 10 talk.

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