Derrick J Wyatt: Issues I have with him

  • I feel like Derrick J Wyatt tried to retcon everything Dwayne created from Alien force and Ultimate alien. No Ultimates(which i do not mind), different art styles for EVERY character even though the originals were fine, changing histories and backgrounds of people i.e. darkstar and cooper being mutants now! and destroying the universe just to get rid of primus cause he didn't like it? I mean, come on!!! Sure, Kevin changes ALL THE FREAKING TIME, so that wasn't too bad. Although, trying to retcon Primus out of existence instead of finding an actual purpose for it annoys me. Sure, everything's been rebooted, but I cannot get over it. I mean, i feel he put more passion into redoing old aliens from the original series then the ones from alien force and ultimate alien. Jetray never even got an appearance, since dwayne didn't like him.Humongosaur got spammed, swampfire completely changed in a pointless manner, Rath used in EVERY DAMN SEASON!!! COME ON! Please bear in mind these are my opinions and feelings

  • @andrew42 Derrick J. Wyatt is the reason why I hate Omniverse.

  • You have every right to dislike the fact that Omniverse retconned/ignored many things UAF had established before. But, to be fair, I gotta say UAF did to OS the exact same OV did to UAF. Dwayne and co retconned almost everything Man of Action created from Original Series.

    Jetray never even got an appearance, since derrick didn't like him. Check. Many classic aliens, like XLR8, Upgrade, Wildvine and Grey Matter never showed up in UAF.
    Retconing Kevin's backstory? Check. Alien Force actually was the first show to retcon Kevin's entire past.
    Changing histories and backgrounds of people? Check. Example: Kevin and Gwen became aliens in UAF, when they were not aliens in OS. (By the way, Cooper was supposed to be a mutant in OS too)
    Getting rid of the something he didn't like it instead of finding a purpose for it? Check. Original Earth Plumbers gone, and replaced with the Intergalactic Plumbers.

    So, unfortunately, changing things is a common mistake most writers do. That's why I agree with Man of Action recent interview that labeled all the Ben 10 sequel shows as 'reboots' too. It's best to think of each series as a separate continuity.

  • @mortie-10 said in Derrick J Wyatt: Issues I have with him:

    @andrew42 Derrick J. Wyatt is the reason why I hate Omniverse.

    I 2nd this.

    Dwayne Mcduffie was a smarter and more skilled writer then those that followed him.

    DJW gave the impression everything that changed from TOS was bad, and every comment he made about characters and were they should be was ID HAVE KEPT IT THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I got the Feeling Dwayne was writing a story and characters changed a bit as they went on and DJW just wanted a modern road runner cartoon were every episode was the same.

    UAF didn't just make changes it evolved ( no pun intended) them. Omniverse was a crossed kindergarten teacher telling us NO NO NO IT SHOULD BE THIS WAY!

    UAF tried a lot got a bunch right and failed at a few things.

    Omniverse gave us a crayon drawing for an art class final, and had its mom call the principle so it would get a trophy OR ELSE.

  • @oldtaku_dd I agree. Dwayne would have done a better job with omniverse.

  • @andrew42 Omniverse would actually been good if Dwayne where behind it

  • @mortie-10 this is true..DJW is the reason I can't rewatch any episodes of omniverse

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