Alien force and ultimate alien: Pros and Cons

  • I feel we've spent a lot of time debating over the reboot, but the shows alien force and ultimate alien get mentioned from time to time. Well, let's debate over the good vs the bad.
    Pro: We had old aliens returning and new aliens appearing, and a lot of interesting characters brought into the show.
    Con: Primus makes no sense in any shape or form.

  • In my opinion everything about Alien Force and Ultimate Alien was good, but I kinda wish Gwen appeared naked in the show at least once. Yeah I know its a kids show, but Eunice appeared nude too, and a lots of other characters in other cartoons did too.

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  • @andrew42 Welcome to the Ben 10 Club where we have one user that likes to make nude character fan art, another user that's obsessed with seeing Max without a shirt, and a few Bwen shippers...and whoever else I missed.


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  • @tactical-ochoa what are your thoughts on alien force and ultimate alien?

  • @andrew42 Alien Force is an ok show. The Highbreeds and DNAliens were neat. I think they could've used some extra work and some changes in certain areas but they're pretty good villains. The show has good action scenes as well. A few of the new aliens were pretty neat and interesting (I did select a couple for my alien roster). I also liked the idea of the Plumbers' Kids.

    However, Alien Force had a lot of significant flaws. Much of the writing was terrible. For example, going back to the DNAliens, when the main characters discovered that the DNAliens were actually humans, they showed little to no reaction to it. After all, the main characters did kill quite a lot of them before this discovery. If I was in Ben's shoes and I found out that I've really been killing innocent human beings that were under the control of an alien parasite, I would be horrified. Even after that, the main characters did pretty much nothing to change up their tactics when fighting the DNAliens. Apparently none of the main characters ever thought to ask Cooper Daniels, after rescuing him, if he could make some non-lethal weapons/devices that could be used on the DNAliens. After all, during the final fight, Cooper did make plenty of DNA guns, out of his own mech, after just seeing mere seconds of Ben using the DNA repair function on the DNAliens. Doesn't really make the heroes look good.

    I also didn't like Kevin's transition to a good guy. To me, it felt out of place considering the type of character that Kevin is. I did make a topic page a while back on here that does cover this. In the original show, Kevin's a thug with some serious SERIOUS mental issues. In his debut episode, Kevin almost killed hundreds of innocent people just so he can steal some money from a train...at the age of 11, let alone his repeated attempts to go after Ben, Gwen, and Max and nearly killing them multiple times. It was also out of character for Ben and Gwen to immediately put their trust in him, again, considering everything that he did to them. If they wanted for Kevin to be a good guy, to me, the transition process should take at least a few months of trying to earn Ben and Gwen's trust and getting help for his mental issues. There's also Gwen being in a relationship with Kevin as well, which is also out of place for Gwen. Kevin is the last person that Gwen would want to be in a relationship with and the ending for season 1 in Ultimate Alien showcased a major reason as to why Kevin and Gwen's relationship doesn't work.

    I also didn't like how Gwen was retconned to being a human/alien hybrid. It really downgraded the magic and fantasy aspect of the franchise. I rather have Gwen remain as a fully human sorceress and even Man of Action would rather have that as well as stated by I believe Joe Kelly in an AMA on Reddit one or two years back. Oh and yeah, there were also the numerous retcons made in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien that didn't make sense, such as the Plumbers going from a disbanded top secret Earth organization that had a good share of members that had some racist attitudes towards aliens to an intergalactic police force.

    Season 3 of Alien Force was also pretty bad. To me, it felt like it was just at least mostly filler. The direction that they took for Vilgax was bad considering that they had Vilgax do things that were very much out of character for him. Alien Force also blew some good opportunities, such as showcasing Ben removing the Omnitrix for the first time. Also, I don't buy the Omnitrix just magically changing its physical appearance after it rebooted.

    Alien Force is decent. Arguably good or arguably bad but yeah, I say it's an average show.

    As for Ultimate Alien, I consider that show to be the second worst show in the franchise with the Ben 10 reboot being the number one worst show in the franchise. This show had some really bad writing and storytelling. Season 1 was decent but had a terrible ending that also blew a pretty big opportunity to showcase Kevin being a villain again and Ben making his transition to being Ben 10,000. After that, the show fell apart really quickly. The Forever Knights story arc just dragged on and on and on and I got so bored of it so quickly. There were also just the plethora of filler episodes as well. Many of Ben's new aliens are just so pointless to have. The Diagon was disappointing. The ending was terribly written and anticlimactic. As stated before, Ultimate Alien has numerous retcons that didn't make sense or weren't written well (who the hell thought that Ultimate Ben was a good idea). The ultimate forms for Ben's aliens is a freakin gimmick and doesn't even make sense, such as Humungousaur evolving to have rocket launchers for arms. I overall really didn't like Ultimate Alien. It such a crappy show.

    I also didn't really like the art style for both shows. It felt too generic and bland. It was at the time where more American-made cartoons were trying to mimic Japanese anime art styles and it doesn't work here. Yeah, the original show also mimicked anime in its art design but the artists still did some interesting things to make the art style of the Original Series unique, appealing, and overall great. Most people still consider the art style of the Original Series to be the best in the franchise.

    I'm going to go ahead and stop here. There's still more that I can talk about but this post is already getting long enough as it is. What I have here should work.

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    @andrew42 Welcome to the Ben 10 Club where we have one user that likes to make nude character fan art, another user that's obsessed with seeing Max without a shirt, and a few Bwen shippers...and whoever else I missed.


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  • OK time to go a little more into depth then " I think it was good y00"

    I loved Alien force The characters grew, and I loved how they did. We got character incite. Ben did not screw around at the start of AF because he though his grandfather was dead, a war was coming, and help wasn't. Later on when Ben got to relax again his ego came back, because lets face it that watch would give anyone an ego.
    Kevin was a bit of a con but him being on team Tennyson was mandated by CN ( for real dwayne mcduffie once said the original plan was Ben Gwen and cooper), but they played it straight and it came out OK. The villains evolved along with the heros and that was awesome.

    Ultimate Alien was a mixed bag, but more good then bad over all. It felt like Ben moved backwards as a character. The anodite thing with Gwen comes up a lot more, and they kind of forgot that clarks law was supposed to apply to " magic " in this world. IE any significantly advanced science is indistinguishable from magic. Magic was magic and I didn't like that. The threats did keep getting bigger and I like that.

    Overall UA is the last two seasons of AF that started to loose it, but it was a world better then that OMNIVERESE garbage we got after it.

  • @oldtaku_dd I agree, though i don't feel omniverse was that awful.