What aliens do you think will reappear in the reboot? ( as new additions )

  • I think that the aliens would need to bring something new to ben's arsenal. Such as Gravattack's gravity powers, Artiguana's freeze breath, or maybe Clockwork's time manipulation.

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    Clockwork and gravattack definitely wont be appearing since i dont think ben could handle that much power at this age. I think that Upchuck is likely and so is ghostfreak.

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    Upchuck, Ditto, Eye Guy, Way Big, Lodestar, maybe a few Andromedas, that's it really.
    I can see Kickin Hawk due to Gax having powers we've already had, and all Kickin Hawk can do is be an expert fighter, I wouldn't mind him showing up.
    It's usually been humanoid aliens, so if we did get new additionals being on all fours, I would see Spidermonkey, Eatle or Arctiguana joining the set.

  • Hm...interesting.
    Here are my picks for aliens to show up.
    Articguana, Pesky dust, Ditto, Lodestar, Crashhopper, and Chamalien.
    Each one of these guys has a unique ability which would expand upon ben's arsenal. I put Chamalien on this list because ghostfreak is unlikely and big chill probably won't appear. Also, Pesky dust could be used for humor, so they might put him in there.

  • Upchuck, Feedback, Ripjaws, Wildmutt Eyeguy, Ghostfreak, and Ditto

    Maybe they're surprising us again with a Omniverse character maybe Ben I'll get Feedback???

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    @andrew42 why is ghostfreak unlikely?

  • @omni-triforcer i can think of several reasons.
    #1: The show is now for a younger generation. Considering how terrifying villains like Zombozo are now a joke, I don't think we'll be seeing an alien as horror oriented as ghostfreak.
    #2: The show seems to be building towards vilgax, and it would be very hard to get ghostfreak in the omnitrix in a manner that makes sense.
    #3: Z'scayre is a pretty dark villain for a show like this. He could truly give the younger audience nightmares. An less terrifying alien will probably be the invisibility alien.

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