Ben 10: My Ideal Roster of Ben's Aliens

  • @andrew42 Good point. I'd rather keep Ditto so maybe I could remove Buzzshock and find a different alien or readjust Buzzshock and remove that ability. I have also discussed with some of the aliens on my list the need to rebalance them to make them more suitable for my list, such as Atomix. Also, if that's what you meant by frail, then I guess this can go for most of Ben's other aliens because they can be sent flying easily as well. Also, that's not what frail means. Frail means weak, delicate, easily breakable, fragile, etc.

    Granted, unlike Ditto, Buzzshock can be easily defeated if he loses too much of his power supply and I wouldn't imagine that this duplication would be used often either since that Buzzshock has to be physically severed in order for that to happen. I could also imagine with each duplication, Buzzshock's power supply would be cut down as well since that each duplicate would need its own power supply, making them weaker and weaker unless they manage to recharge themselves. As stated on the Ben 10 wiki, fire seems to drain Buzzshock's power supply. It's not really that hard to gain access to fire unless the area is surrounded by water.

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    I also wanna bring something up with Buzzshock, Buzzshock has Echo Echo's powers, with duplication, and sonic screaming, while Blitzwolfer and Ditto can do that separately alone, I believe AmpFibian would be a better choice.
    I also recommend to use Armodrillo, because none of Ben's aliens can create earthquakes, or drill or or has a jackhammer or anything like that.
    I already tried suggesting Overflow since he has the powers to shoot and control water, but you already said no.
    I also would try to suggest Squidstrictor, since no alien can shoot ink nor camouflage themselves underwater, but Ripjaws is already something better to do with.
    I wanna ask, how do you feel about Nanomech's ability to shrink, or Humungousaur's power to grow if that would be needed? Or Chromastone's ability to shoot ultra violet rays and absorbing that power and etc, since Chromastone can do it better than Feedback, and since well... Feedback isn't all that needed since Chromastone is more of a conductor and laser shooting alien, compared to being an electric alien like Feedback?
    Also I wanted to bring up, Spitter doesn't have acidic powers, he just shoots slime.

  • @ebomnitrix Nothing in the Ben 10 wiki states that Buzzshock has powers similar to Echo Echo and Benwolf's sonic howl. Can you link to me an example of that?

    I already have Armodrillo in my list.

    I already explained why Humungousaur isn't included in my list. I also already explained why Chromastone isn't included in my list as well.

    I don't believe I mentioned Nanomech but in case I didn't, I didn't find Nanomech to be that useful. Being able to shrink just doesn't seem that appealing and useful since that Ben has other better options.

    In regards to Spitter, the Ben 10 wiki states that Spitter's slime can be made acidic. It came from somewhere if not the show itself. The Ben 10 Planet wiki ensures that their information is accurate.

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    Watch Tourist Trap again, you see the Megawhatts using both those powers

  • @ebomnitrix First off, the episode just made me remember that Upgrade shoots lasers. Another reason why I would rather not include Chromastone or any other laser shooting alien. Second, I guess Buzzshock has the sonic howl ability. Looks more like it would require a combined effort from each of the duplicates. It would make sense though since that sound waves transport electrons and electric signals from one place to another in a semiconductor.

  • Another thing that I noticed was that the sound wave created by the Nosedeenians in Tourist Trap wasn't directional like how Benwolf and Echo Echo's sonic howl was. It was just a sound wave that went in all directions and unlike the sonic howl, it didn't have enough kinetic energy to cause things to go flying. It shattered glass and rang some eardrums and that was it. It could be a good means of causing disorientation to Ben's enemies but it doesn't work like how the sonic howl ability does. So now thinking about it, this ability that Buzzshock could use doesn't override Benwolf's sonic howl ability.

  • Going back to AmpFibian, I think it would be at least a little more interesting if AmpFibian maybe instead can sting Ben's enemies. Like an actual jellyfish. Every time AmpFibian stings someone or something, it injects a venom that, if given enough doses, can paralyze and disable them. AmpFibian has a strong resemblance to a jellyfish in appearance and is also aquatic. It could be interesting if Ben has access to an alien that has an ability like this.

  • You know, I don't think it's fair to remove abilities or tweak power levels. When you do that, it kinda makes me feel as though you're picking favorites. It takes away from the alien, making it different then the creators intended. I mean, really. Please don't be offended. I'm just trying to make sure this list is accurately balanced, and not swayed by one man's opinion. This website is a group effort, not one person running the whole business.

  • @andrew42 I'm aware of that. It's just an idea that I'm suggesting but not something that I'll actually do.

  • Thinking more about AmpFibian, there is a big issue with this alien that I recently realized. As I stated before, I am going to start implementing the realism factor to my list and my reason as to why. Therefore, I'm thinking of making a new page where I revise my list to factor in the realistic and believable aspect of Ben's aliens. In regards to AmpFibian, this alien has the ability to fly and float. The issue is that he looks like a jellyfish. There's no wings that he uses. There's no gliders. There's nothing that explains in a reasonable and sensible way what allows AmpFibian to fly and float in air as if he's in water. Therefore, it doesn't make AmpFibian a realistic and believable alien due to this ludicrous characteristic. If AmpFibian is fully aquatic and therefore ONLY has mobility in big enough bodies of water, then the problem is pretty much solved...except I already have Ripjaws in this list and even if Ripjaws needs water to breathe, he's still able to go out onto land while this fix for AmpFibian would greatly limit his mobility on land. I believe I stated this before as well, AmpFibian's electrical abilities would also likely cause some significant collateral damage if used in water. Hell, AmpFibian can even shock himself if he comes into contact with water. Therefore, AmpFibian is out and I'd rather keep Buzzshock in my list.

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