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    I like the game I’m just disappointed that there are no unlockable combos like in the other games. Each alien only has 2 moves and when you upgrade the alien it only gives you more damage instead of new moves like in the old game. That was half the fun of the games (discovering the new combos) and now that that is gone I’m kinda disappointed.

  • @csgt What country do you live in? Some people on Reddit said that in their countries, the game cost like $70.

  • @tactical-ochoa Brazil. In my currency, R$1 = US$ 3.3, so if the game costs US$ 30 for you in USA, it should be around R$100 in my country's currency. If I'm correct, I'll wait for a sale with at least 60% of discount (which may not happen soon).

  • the united states
    of merica

  • Finally the game is on Steam

  • I forgot about this.

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    Now that i have finished the game i am gonna give my thoughts on the game.
    If you are not a hardcore fan do not buy a game. Even as hardcore a fan as i am i am feeling a bit of remorse because of the 30 dollar price tag and so little content. @Tactical-Ochoa i swear to god you better not tell me i told you so. While its cool that all 10 aliens are playable their movesets are not fleshed out with there being no unlockable combos like in the old games. Even though you can upgrade the aliens all that really does is boost its health and damage and that really doesn’t matter when there’s really no incentive to replay levels. There’s only 6 levels and while they are long they do not warrant there only being 6 levels. It’s just ughhh, i really wanted to like this game and while it was fun what i had played it wasn’t worth it.

  • I recently found an error in the game. On the Steam version, one of the Sumo Slammer cards are gone. I know this beacuse I found it on same place on the Switch version. I emailed this to Outright Games and hope they fix the error. They are also some bug glitches in the game, like sometimes of the characters just suddenly stop moving.

  • Finally got my hands on the PS4 version! So much fun! Hope they make another one based on the 2017 Reboot, if ever. Fun to trophy hunt for sure!

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    Ben 10 Ultimate Alien : Comic Destruction for the ps3 is one of the most quickest games ever to Platinum.

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