Why are people always hating on cartoons?

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    Now i get that some cartoons are geared towards little kids but that doesnt give people the right to get on someones case for watching them. I just had someone roast me for being a 19 year old who watches ben 10. Shouldnt i be able to watch what i want without being criticized?

  • @Omni-Triforcer Who roasted you?

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    Its because there's a lot of stupid people right now, that think any cartoon/anime that isn't from the 90s and 00s are considered horrible and stupid. While there are other people who think anything that's animated is for kids, and that older audiences shouldn't be watching it. I think that's just an issue in today's world, people thought this 30 years ago, but after a long stretch of time, that's changed. I think its just modern people now have changed back into those people from years ago where they're all stupid but now they're only sensitive to their own feelings rather than the feelings people had years ago. Its just somebody being dumb, don't worry about that, any cartoons is for all ages really.

    Another example of dub people, there's this Pokemon user named Ryu Taylor who thrashes the entire japanese series and anyone who watches it, and tries to persuade people to watch the dub rather than the sub, and he means the modern dub that nobody watches and gets bashed on for being super bad, and it is super bad rn, js.

    But yeah, we have a lot of people right now who are just being dumb and their kinda shifting back to how adults thought 20-30 years ago towards everything, which is why anything that's even being made now, or businesses being run now, its all turned becoming how it was a long time ago. We really need to set a reality check...

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    @Tactical-Ochoa said in Why are people always hating on cartoons?:

    @Omni-Triforcer Who roasted you?

    Just somebody in a group im in about gaming.

  • People shouldn't​ judge you if you watch cartoons, anime or whatever, yeah we all know Ben 10 is created for kids, but can be for adults who love animation, action and comics, love what you love.

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