What if you had the omnitrix?

  • This is basically a repost on the old topic, what if the omnitrix was real by XLR8.
    Ok so basically, what would you do if you had the omnitrix? What would you use it for, what would be your reaction, would you use it responsibly?

  • Well one thing's for sure, I probably wouldn't act responsible at first. I mean, I could just use Alien X to reshape the universe in my own design. Then I would probably use Big Chill and/or Ghostfreak to go invisible whenever I want and play pranks on people. I would probably use Grey Matter to make a functional time machine, but I probably don't need to since I have Clockwork. But it would have been fun to build one anyway. And I would use Humungousaur a lot since he is so cool. I could use Fasttrack and/or XLR8 to run around the world whenever I want to. And I probably would use Echo Echo to make multiple clones of myself to play video games and watch TV with myself. What a wonderful life that could be.

  • For me, I would first take about 3 hours freaking out and mind blowing, then XLR8 or fasttrack over to my friends house, make sure he tells no one, show him, let him recover for 3 hours, and then test it out a lot. I'd probably use it for homework, grey matter or brainstorm, and if I could, would stop crime, bullies, and other bad things around my area. I would try to use it for good, when i'm not using it for fun 😉

  • @Mortie-10 well do take into account that you're going to have to reason with the head people which at the time I can't remember the names of, so alien X might be a little more difficult to use, everything else I would probably do too 😛

  • @Hotshot14380 Serena and Bellicus

  • I'd probably panic, trying to get the thing off, and then i'd go home and try to hide it from everyone. I'd probably find out about its powers by some stupid accident, such as slipping on a wet floor and slamming it by accident. After discovering what it could do, i'd use every excuse possible to sneak away and test it out. After a week or two of experimentation, i'd try to find uses for it. I'd most likely use aliens like upgrade and ditto to enhance my gaming experience, use jetray for quick travel, and i'd use aliens like big chill, grey matter, and goop to go places I normally couldn't. It would be pretty awesome, until my sister found out. ( she's smart )

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