What to watch now

  • After Samurai Jack ended, I have been thinking: What else is there to watch now? There is currently no good shows on CN. The only good thing I could recommend is the remaining episodes of Nick's TMNT 2012 season 5. But other than that, there is nothing. Is there a show out there left to watch which is good? Either way, I am still watching old shows whenever I want but its always fun to watch something new to. At least Skylanders Academy is getting a second season and Total Drama is coming back next year.

    So do you have suggestions to whats worth watching?

  • I would recommend that you start watching anime most anime are long running so you won't get bored easy some recommendations that I would give you are Tokyo Ghoul,Katekyo hitman reborn,Hunter x Hunter ,Yu Yu Hakusho and my hero academia

  • @Mortie-10 There's this new show called Villainous on Cartoon Network that people have been talking about recently. I saw a few shorts of it and...it's actually pretty good. Unfortunately, it's only airing in Mexico right now but I heard that an English dub version has been made and that it's going to air in the US soon or something. People say that apparently Markiplier is going to voice the bear in the English version.

  • Well I would definitely suggest, if you have netflix, I love watching Flash, Arrow, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil. I guess I'm a fan of superheroes a bit to much. That's not the only reason I suggest it though, because the shows have really good stories and eventually cross over with each other. But if you only want something on CN, I dont know.

  • @Hotshot14380 For people who like superheroes, Marvel and DC Comics, I would also recommend Marvel's Agents of SHIELD (my favorite TV show at the moment), Gotham and Legends of Tomorrow.

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