The future of the Reboot

  • So I looked around, and no one really mentioned any thoughts on their predictions for the future of the Reboot. I guess I wanted to see other people's thoughts on what they think.

  • @Hotshot14380 my prediction is that it will go on for 2 or 3 more years then we will get a sequel to it that actually follows what MOA actually wanted for BEN10
    or it will not get a sequel and it will end up being a long running cartoon with ben aging over the course of the series

  • @Hotshot14380 Taking into account of the low US viewer ratings and the negative reception, if the Ben 10 reboot doesn't maintain good viewer ratings and if the merchandise for the show doesn't do well in sales, then I give it 1 to 2 seasons before it gets cancelled. Maybe 3 season. Considering the negative reception for the reboot and that Ultimate Alien and Omniverse's merchandise sales were very poor, I don't think the merchandise for the Ben 10 reboot is going to sell well enough to convince Cartoon Network to keep the Ben 10 reboot show running.

  • @Hotshot14380 Well, let's hope Cartoon Network won't make a reboot on the Emoji Movie in the future.

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