Ben 10 Fan-project: Ben 10: The Galactic Roadtrip

  • Ok, as you already know, Im tired of this reboot. So, I thought since we aren't getting any good Ben 10 series right now, we as fans could make our own Ben 10 fanmade series: Ben 10: The Galactic Roadtrip. I already have some ideas ready, but Im suck at making animations. Is there anybody out there who is good to animate and is a fan of Ben 10, and maybe wanna do it for free? I don't have alot of money. If we as Ben 10 fans put our minds together, we could make Ben 10 great again. What do you say?

    Here are some of my ideas for The Galactic Roadtrip:
    Some days after the end of Omniverse, Ben, Gwen, Kevin and Rook (now animated in the UAF way again) is heading for their Galactic Roadtrip around the universe. After saying goodbye to their friends and family, they take off to worlds beyond. In the meantime, at Julies house, see find out Herve have taken sexual pics of her while playing tennis. Shes gets mad because of this and breaks up with him. She then run away to the Plumbers base to see and apologize to Ben for being such a jerk to him. But Ben is already gone, so she calls for Ship and goes after him. At the same time, in space, Malgax have returned and is seeking revenge on Ben who is on his way to Humungousaur's home planet Terradino.

  • Leave Kevin out of it and I might be on board.

    Just be careful about copyright laws.

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    Honestly I'm not a big fan of Julie, and I would rather be completely new about it. I also wanna give them a reason to go into space besides just for the sake of it.

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    @Ebomnitrix said in Ben 10 Fan-project: Ben 10: The Galactic Roadtrip:

    Honestly I'm not a big fan of Julie, and I would rather be completely new about it. I also wanna give them a reason to go into space besides just for the sake of it.

    Well at the end of omniverse they were going on a space roadtrip so whats more reason then that? I do agree that theres no reason for julie to be in this

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    Honestly a lot of the reason people want Julie to be in future Ben 10 series is because people prefer her over most relationships, even though UA even established they were going to be a temporary thing. Besides barely anyone gets to stay with their High School love, usually you see this on TV but I think Omniverse decided to be more realistic with that, but ended up using a childhood love story with Kai which imo still fails, but however they had a 7 year gap between due to at that point (Late Arc 3-8) Ben was 17, but still there should be something more fresh and new than the usual child/school-love scenario because its just not interesting anymore.

    In my opinion, I'm up for a new love interest, but I don't want it forced down our necks because Ben saved somebody or a random situation happened, for once I'd like a natural relationship to build up to, and even Gwevin was naturally built up, it was just "oh we knew these two crushed on each other (Gwen first, later Kevin)," but they made them too obvious and so bland that we need something new rather than the same old take.

  • @Ebomnitrix I'm not a fan of Julie either. She doesn't really offer much outside of her just being nice and her and Ben looking cute together. That's really just it...or at least for the most part. I was more glad that Ben and Julie broke up in Omniverse. Ester was a little better but it was obvious that she was temporary. Kai would've been my second choice of someone to be in a relationship with Ben but they screwed up her character in Omniverse. Instead of giving Kai some actual character development by having her realize what she did back in the Original Series and thus genuinely apologize to Ben, they gave her some weird attraction to Ben's aliens. She wasn't even attracted to Ben because of his alien forms. She was attracted to Ben because she thought he was going to turn into a werewolf and Kai wanted to have a werewolf as a pet so the freakin Omniverse writers really misunderstood her greatly.

    Of course I'm still in disagreement about Gwen and Kevin being in a relationship with each other and I already explained plenty of reasons as to why. And of course anyone that follows me around knows that I'd rather prefer Bwen, having explained plenty of times as to why. It's up to you guys though.

  • I was actually working on a galactic roadtrip story with a friend of mine.It would take place like one or two years after the end of omniverse and gwen would have already graduated college. Ben would be roughly 17 or 18 and he gwen and kevin would go on the galactic roadtrip and instead of ben having the omnitrix he had the biomntrix(ben 10ks omnitrix).the plot was something like this.After ben and rook saved the universe malturent ben called up gwen and kevin and asked them to go on a galactic roadtrip Gwen said that she would agree as long as she could do it after she was done with college Kevin also agreed. Max thought that the roadtrip was a good idea because that way ben and the rest could deal with problems aroung the universe that the plumbers couldn't handle.Rook declined the offer to come on the trip stating that while ben is away the earth would still need someone to protect it.On the day of the trip ben visits gwen at her college to pick her and kevin up on the rustbucket iii but suddenly they were attacked ben uses the omnitrix to become xlr8 but the omnitrix times out after only 5 mins leaving ben confused ben then tries to become kicken hawk ben the omnitrix times out as soon as he transforms rook , gwen and kevin uses their combined efforts to bring down the villain and the plumberstake him away then ben recieves a message from asmuth telling him to come to galvan right away.When Ben arrives asmuth takes the omnitrix away from ben telling ben that he senses a disturbance in the omnitrix matrix azmuth then gives ben the biomnitrix and tells him that ben 10000 commissioned him to make it for ben because he knew something like this could happen and ben uses the biomnitrix for the time ....later down in i was going to reveal that the omnitrix stopped working because it contained remnants of malwear in it but as i said i never got around to making it the farthest that i had gotten were the character designs... sorry this is so long tell me what u guys think

  • it may contain some errors cuz i was typing very fast

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    Why is it that :

    Talk talk talk and no animation footage ?
    No Offence

  • Im giving up on the project now since I lost interest in Ben 10. Im more concentrating on Samurai Jack now. Maybe I make a fan made show about Ashi in the future when Im talented enough in animation.

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    It is a shame that you are cancelling it

  • hey can I be in the story

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    Are you gonna now resume that fanfiction project ?

  • @npzman Maybe. But I dont think the Ben 10 Fan Fiction wiki is gonna accept my fanfictions. They dont like crossovers with other shows, and they dont like nudity. Also, I feel that, whatever I write down as a fanfiction, people are not gonna like it for reasons I dont understand.

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    Then exclude nudity and have Ben 10 only characters. You aren't banned from that wiki are you ?

  • @npzman No, Im not banned yet. But I am not gonna exclude nudity or crossover characters in my stories. I rather find a another place to upload those fanfictions.

  • @Mortie-10 You can give Archive Of Our Own a try if you haven't considered that yet.

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    I know incest and pedophilia content written or in art is rightfully banned from the Ben 10 Fan-fiction Wiki outright.

    While Archive Of Our Own does allow incestuous content on that website, I'm not so sure about written child pornography otherwise the owner of that website would be in jail right now. Make sure the fictional nude and porn stuff isn't a minor. So take note on that and avoid getting added to the FBI watchlist and later on facing a Norwegian Judge in court.

  • @npzman Dude. Chill out. Jeeze.

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    Yeah sure thing if you screw up here, it's not me that's gonna have to pay for your legal fees here and if you have a public defender I am not a Norwegian tax payer either.

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