Teen Titans Season 6 (Official) Petiton.

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    I am ACTALLY getting PISSED that people are ingoring my petiton.

  • @npzman Don't bother with the petition, alright. It's not going to work and it doesn't matter if our voices get heard. As long as Teen Titans Go! is making money, Cartoon Network doesn't care about people have to say about it. As long as Cartoon Network is making money, they don't care about what we have to say, as I already made the point on before. If you want to make some changes and improvements with Cartoon Network for the better, toss your petition away and figure something else out.

    Hey, here's a suggestion.

  • Ben 10 Fans Banned

    How is cartoon network making money out of shows we don't want ?

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    @npzman Better question is how is Cartoon Network making money of something we don't watch?

  • Ben 10 Fans Banned

    yeah better question

  • Ben 10 Fans Banned

    If we don't want it we don't watch it. How are they even making money out a show No1 watches? Well cartoon network did a good job on fooling the buisness that are buying ads to put on the TTG slot.

  • @npzman There are people who actually like that TTG trash. My 11-year-old brother is obsessed with that thing (much to my immense chagrin)... I could try showing the original one to him (he's aware of its existence), but I really don't like the original one too (to be honest, Justice League Action is the only cartoon with DC characters I like)

  • we hate these shows but children love them i can guarantee you that any child born from 2004 to this present day enjoy watching that crap.My niece and my younger cousin love the show.I think that cartoon network only targets this audience because since these kids haven't seen the original series then they have nothing to compare it to.Cause the main reason most of us hate it is because it takes a great show that we loved when we were younger and completely ruined it .If most kids today saw the original teen titans series then they would not be so excited when teen titans go airs on tv.

  • @JrPhilgene Granted, the US viewer ratings for Teen Titans Go! is going down. The episode, Titans Saving Time, released on March 10, 2017, is the first time a new episode of Teen Titans Go! has reached a US viewer rating of below 1 million, with a rating of 0.98 million views. The latest episode, Master Detective, released on March 31, 2017, has a US viewer rating of just 1 million views. By the looks of it, the viewer ratings (at least in the US) do seem to be dropping slowly. I bet even those that do like the show are getting sick and tired of just how much and how often Cartoon Network is airing and rerunning the show on their channel.

    If Cartoon Network targets kids as the main audience for Teen Titans Go!, then as I explained before, it's important for us to introduce the new generation to the very show that we had back then. To introduce them to these older but better quality shows in order to convince the new generation to support those very shows like we did back then as well as to pull them away from shows such as Teen Titans Go!, the Powerpuff Girls reboot, and the Ben 10 reboot. With the new generation watching and supporting older shows such as the original Teen Titans, the original Ben 10, Samurai Jack, Kids Next Door, etc and not supporting the current shows of now, this can help to greatly convince Cartoon Network to change their ways and make improvements for the better. To convince Cartoon Network to make better quality shows, to cater to a wider and more varied audience, and all that stuff.

    It's up to us to shape things for the better. To convince Cartoon Network to make changes and improvements for the better. Voicing our own opinions alone is clearly not enough and we need more and convincing the new generation to side with us is a good, strong way of achieving our very goals. Convincing the very audience that Cartoon Network is catering to to side with us is something that we all need to focus on here if we want for changes and improvements to be made here and for the better.

    May I once again divert your very attention to this very page that I made.

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    just sign the petiton anyway.

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