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  • Yeah, I know. It's not Ben 10 but screw it. It's Samurai Jack for crying out loud and this is the 5th and final season of it after 13 years of being on hiatus. Let's have a discussion page on it.

  • Who here has seen the premiere episode?

  • @Tactical-Ochoa I saw it yesterday and I loved it. Just wish Ben 10 was like that.

  • As much as I did like the Samurai Jack season 5 premiere, it seems weird talking about this on a Ben 10 fan club to me.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa I saw it and it was a very neat episode, It's Nice to see Jack again.

  • Do people really care about Samurai coming back

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    Man that episode was great.

  • Episode 2 came out last night. Any thoughts?

    For me, damn. Just...damn.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa Man that was Epic.

  • It's really neat seeing Aku again as well. Greg Baldwin does do a good enough job with the role. The only criticism I can really give with his performance as Aku is that the voice sounds a little deeper than the original but that's just really it. Considering that the original Aku voice actor, Makoto Iwamatsu, passed away, it was clear that we're obviously not going to have the original voice back, which is a shame. Still, it was a good call to bring in Greg Baldwin since that he's pretty much the next best choice for Aku due to him taking over for Mako's other voice roles. Again, he does a good enough job making sure to make the writing work and thus still be able to make sure that Aku is still the same Aku we all know and love. Also, god that segment of the episode with Aku is freakin hilarious. I busted up.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa The Aku scene was the funniest scene during the whole episode.

  • @Mortie-10 Yeah, like I said, I busted up into laughter. It's such an Aku moment and it was great.

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    Actually something you should know
    Greg plays Aku in Fusionfall as him, so technically its like he reprised his role in a way.
    Also I'm so glad that Aku is still the same villain he was before, I mean despite the show has turned darker in a unique way, which we all love, Aku is still the cartoony Aku he was before... only he's just now depressed that he's still alive.

  • @Ebomnitrix Well, he wouldn't be Aku if that wasn't the case. If you're going to have Aku in Samurai Jack, he has to be freakin Aku.

  • What do you guys think will happen this season? I think that Jack somehow will get his sword back and fight that mysterious horse figure in the middle of the season. I also think Ashi and Jack will join forces, and maybe that wolf or whatever it was will survive and join Jack too. And I think Jack and Aku will have a showdown in episode 9 and Jack going back to the past and destroys Aku in one final battle in episode 10.

  • @Mortie-10 In regards to the mysterious horse figure, I don't think that's something that Jack is going to fight physically but instead mentally. I think that mysterious horse figure is just part of Jack's mental instability, symbolizing how Jack lost his ways or something. Maybe the mysterious horse figure is supposed to symbolize Jack's destiny calling back to him or something.

    Maybe Ashi and Jack could team up. That's a possibility that came to mind for me. I doubt the wolf is going to survive though.

    As for the final showdown, that depends. Aku mentioned that he destroyed all of the portals that lead back to the past and even Jack is aware of this. Now did Aku destroy all of them? Maybe. The one that the Guardian was protecting could still be up and both Jack and Aku aren't aware of this. Plus, Jack is destined to use that very time portal.

    For me, I'm not entirely sure how this season is going to end. It could end with Jack finally returning back to the past and therefore we get more of a happy ending or he could remain stuck in the future and therefore could die after finally defeating Aku. Those are the two best directions that I thought of that they could go and it feels like this season is setting itself up for that.

  • Anyone seen episode 3? I think the episode was fantastic. I knew the wolf would survive and I really believe Ahsi will join Jack after a while now. The fight against the sisters was intense. And maybe your right Tactical Ochoa, the mysterious horse figure is most probably something Jack has to fight mentally. Overall this is the best episode I have seen so far.

  • @Mortie-10 Well, look at that. The wolf did survive after all. Nice. And hold up there buddy. There's still 7 more episodes left. Who knows what's nest that they have planned in store for us.

  • So I looked up the Daughters of Aku and apparently Tara Strong voiced Ashi and Avi while Kari Dahlgren voiced Ami and Aki.

  • Im looking forward too see The Scotsman again.

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