Which girl is the perfect girl for Ben?

  • We have talked alot about Bwen being better than Gwevin the past few days so I thought to start a discussion about whitch girl is better for Ben. In my opinion, I prefer Julie. I don't know why really, shes just so sweet, kind and sexy. Have you seen how her skirt flips while she is playing tennis? I bet Ben payed attention. However, I also like Gwen, Eunice and Jennifer Nocturne. But Im not liking Kai Green and think shes a stupid wife choice for Ben. Who do you think is Ben's perfect girlfriend and why?

  • Yeah I also liked Julie, she was treated really badly by the writers of the show and deserved Ben unlike Kai. (even though I don't mind Ben and Kai being together)

  • Y'all know who I'm rooting for if you've been following me around on here. Please go to the Bwen topic page for why.

    The problem with Julie was that she didn't really do a lot. More often than not, she's just there for the sake of being there. There are some moments where she does stuff but more often she's just...there. Then the writers try to make Ben and Julie's relationship more strained in Ultimate Alien yet I didn't really give a crap because there isn't a lot that Julie offered other than that she's sweet and kind and cute and all that stuff.

    As for Kai, my problem with Kai wasn't in regards to the episode, Benwolf, in the Original Series where she wanted to keep Ben as a pet werewolf. Kai was a kid back then. She's still learning morals and what not. Kids are kids and kids like to have something that they find to be really cool and having a well-trained werewolf as a pet is a pretty badass thing to have. Regardless, that was still immoral and wrong for Kai to do what she did to Ben. At the very least though, I think I can see why and therefore understand why.

    My problem with Kai was how they implemented her in Omniverse where, for some reason, the writers thought that it would be a good idea for Kai to suddenly have some strange attraction towards Ben's alien forms. They really misunderstood her and therefore they ended up making Kai a pretty unlikable character. What should've been done instead was that Kai should've realized the mistake that she made, learn from that mistake, and then genuinely apologize to Ben the next time they met after the Benwolf episode. It would allow Kai to have some better character development and a better and more positive reception from fans and viewers. Granted, I don't think Ben would've really try to form a relationship with Kai again even if he does forgive her. Mostly because there is someone else that would be much better and more suitable for Ben to be in a relationship in (cough Gwen cough). Lol. Plus, even after forgiving Kai, her treatment of Ben in the Original Series felt like a "the deal is off" type of thing. That after what happened, Ben wouldn't want to be in a relationship with Kai after that incident but at the very least they could just be friends and nothing more than just friends.

  • I prefer Gwen.

    In my opinion, Julie suffered a lot from being a satellite love interest, as I said in the Bwen-Gwevin topic, the writers apparently were only worried about Gwevin, and Julie was just there so they could show every once in a while that Ben had a girlfriend too. Maybe if they had paid more attention to her, I could see something more between her and Ben.

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