Im giving Omniverse and the Reboot a new chance

  • I have decided to give Omniverse and the Reboot a new chance. I feel that as a true Ben 10 fan, you should not hate one of the series. Even if you dont love it, you accept its excistence. Hope that give you guys something to think about to.

  • That's great to hear, I honestly glad to see that you arevwilling to give it a chance, as a fan we have to support Ben 10 through bad or good, I may have a few problems with the reboot but I don't like hating on it

  • Ben 10 Fans

    Wait, so are you going to start watching Omniverse?
    Because if so, then you need to follow the Production Order on Ben 10 Wikia, but start It Was Them before So Long and Thanks For All The Smoothies so it makes sense.

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