Who is your favorite Ben 10 Villain, other than Vilgax?

  • @Tyranidomega Well, there's subtle clues that points to this with Ghostfreak such as Ben having a strange feeling whenever he uses Ghostfreak. It's probably those subtle clues such as that are the very reasons why Ben uses Ghsotfreak less than any of his other aliens.

  • I really liked Aggregor and the Highbreed. Aggregor was a pretty serious threat, and instead of having henchmen or minions, he preferred to handle things himself.
    I liked how the Highbreed were an entire race instead of one character, which IMO was a cool way to raise the stakes at the start of AF.

    And if I may on Khyber, I believe what Tyranidomega meant was because of Khyber's limited appearance he did not live up to be a serious threat that Tactical Ochoa thinks he could've been.

    Have to ask Tactical, how would you have Khyber grow to become a serious threat? I have some ideas myself, like maybe he resorts to kidnapping one of Ben's family.

  • @Rexryder Aggregor is alright.That is a good point about him doing pretty much everything on his own. Although, are the Plumbers really not that aware about Aggregor killing one of their own. It took too long time for the Plumbers to connect the dots with Aggregor in my opinion.

    The Highbreed were alright as well. They were good at the start but I think the conflict with them could've ended better though. I don't exactly know how but I didn't really like the later moments with the Highbreed.

    As for Khyber, overall, what is important is that he needs to be able to truly challenge Ben. One of the biggest problems in the sequels is that Ben became too powerful. He was receiving too many aliens that were just too much for his villains and enemies to handle. Many of his newer aliens even make Ben's older and original aliens useless as well. Echo Echo, for example, making Ditto and Benwolf useless. Even Vilgax is progressively becoming less capable of challenging Ben. In the Original Series, even Dr. Animo was truly able to challenge Ben and become a serious threat to him. There are various different ways that Khyber can try to be more of a serious threat but the most important thing is that Khyber, and all or most of Ben's other enemies, need to be able to truly challenge Ben for the purpose of maintaining tension for the series.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa You make a really good point. Khyber actually had a chance of becoming a serious threat, for one reason: the Nemetrix. I agree with Tyranid's point on the Nemetrix, a unique concept where the Omnitrix aliens had natural predators that either countered their powers (Terroranchula, Hypnotick) or simply overpowered them (Tyrannopede, Slamworm)

    There was actually a concept idea of a predator for Waybig-here

    It would've made for a cool episode where Ben was stuck in Waybig for some reason and was very ill. This could've been the equivalent of Khyber poisoning Ben. Would something like this have made Khyber a serious threat?

  • @Rexryder Khyber poisoning Ben? Probably not. Here is one thing about Khyber that worked against him. Khyber is a hunter. In the beginning of Omniverse, Khyber behaved like a hunter. Studying Ben to figure out his strengths and weaknesses, attacking Ben when he least expected it, ambush techniques, make cunning and intelligent moves when fighting Ben, etc. At one point, Khyber was even sniping at Ben with his rifle and shot and destroyed Ben's hover board so Ben could no longer use it to escape. Khyber behaved like an actual hunter. However, and this is where Khyber fell short on, in later appearances, Khyber decided to take a more sloppy approach and go for direct attacks on Ben. Even announcing his presence once or twice. In later appearances in Omniverse, Khyber behaved less like an actual hunter and more of just another generic enemy. This is one of the major reasons why Khyber became much less favorable in Omniverse. Because Cartoon Network decided to be lazy and just make Khyber, a villain with some good potential, from an intelligent and challenging foe into just another generic villain. Cartoon Network squandered that potential that Khyber had.

  • it just has to be kevin, and not just because I really like devlin its because kevin is the villain I ever saw and that transformation part in framed was awesome

  • @Tactical-Ochoa
    Couldn't agree more.

  • @Tyranidomega
    For me it has to be Kevin. he really was the evil Ben. He was also a warning to Ben of what he could be, and probably would be without Max and Gwen. As I see it Vilgax may be the main villain of the show but Kevin is Ben's true nemesis. They are perfect enemies.

    As for AF and the others, it would be like making the Joker change his ways and become Batman's partner. Or emperor Palpatine becoming Yoda's best friend.

  • @car54 Nice analogy there.

  • Moderator

    totally agree i never got why they redeemed kevin and made him uncrazy his craziness was what i thought made him an interesting character. Kevin introduced alien fusions before ben did lol.

  • @Omni-Triforcer
    I know they wanted to give Gwen a bf to counter any bwen overtones but why pick him....I still say making them cousins was a mistake..

    There is a more personal element to the animosity between Ben and Kevin. That's really what makes him the best villain in the series.
    It's also what makes him the villain least likely to change his ways.

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    @car54 i guess they needed a way to explain why gwen was on the roadtrip so they chose her being a cousin.

  • @Omni-Triforcer @car54 That is why they made Gwen into Ben's cousin. To give her a much more justifiable reason for her to go on the trip with Ben. It was the right call in my opinion.

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    exactly they couldve said that grandpa max said he could bring a friend but in that case it would most likely be a guy and not a girl for obvious reasons so relative was the next best thing.

  • @Omni-Triforcer Plus there's the concern as to why would Gwen even be best friends with Ben if they both hate each other so much.

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    @Tactical-Ochoa very much true although that couldve been added when she was turned into a cousin plus if they liked each other and were friends it would be kind of weird to go on a road trip together (i know my parents would never let me sleep in the same room as a girl at age 10) it would really put the bwen theory into motion lol

  • @Omni-Triforcer I think regardless, if my Bwen theory is correct and true, Man of Action was going to put that theory into motion anyways regardless as to whether or not Ben and Gwen are even cousins. Heck, I mean like did CN really make the change for them to be cousins or did CN just point out the flaws of Ben and Gwen being best friends and suggested for Man of Action to be related and thus Man of Action are the ones that made Ben and Gwen into cousins. I heard this change was made when season 3 of the Original Series was being written. If that's true and if Ben and Gwen were best friends and they did get paired together, what do you think MOA would have to do. Make them cousins and have them paired together as a couple anyways and thus make little necessary changes in order to meet the premiere release deadline while also maintaining at least most of their original vision or do something like make Ben and Gwen brother and sister to each other or something of the likes and thus have to go back and pretty much almost rewrite at least most of the entire show to fit that one change it but risk likely not making the deadline.

  • Either way, reason of Bwen or not, again, Kevin should have never become a hero character. As stated before, @car54 made a great analogy that sums up Kevin's transition into being a hero. Much like the Joker and Emperor Palpatine, Kevin just doesn't work as a hero, an ally and best friend for Ben, and a boyfriend for Gwen. He didn't even do a good job of being a hero and a Plumbers officer. Kevin continued to commit various different and very serious crimes even when he was a hero. It's freakin stupid.

  • @Omni-Triforcer
    She was going to go as Ben's friend from school, although a friend with a contentious relationship. CN decided that having her on a summer road trip with her male friend and his grandpa had dirty overtones.....I think they had their own minds in the gutter.

    It works fine in the AU story I'm planing. In that, one or both of her parents were plumbers so they know Max and know they can trust him with their daughter.

  • @car54 Dirty overtones? I think you're overthinking this. Gwen was made into Ben's cousin because it makes more sense that way. I even stated why. Simple as that. It's even said so on the Ben 10 Wiki, Tv Tropes, etc.

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