State of Cartoon Network

  • @ultraalien That 11 minute episode run time really needs to go. As stated in the video, it limits creative freedom and Cartoon Network is really overusing it.

  • I can imagine a lot of shows that are struggling would have more breathing room if they had 30 minutes. Although some are better with just 11 minutes.

  • Cartoon Network Has Given Up on Mega Man: Fully Charged
    by Vailskibum94

  • I had heard, but i must admit it's rather depressing, considering the show was beginning to improve a little, and showed potential. It wasn't even all that bad. I mean, it wasn't great or anything, but it was enjoyable enough for me to watch.

  • @tactical-ochoa I agree that the 11 minute run time mandate needing to go. the 11 minute limits that the network placed is not always reasonable for many the writers who makes the shows. It also forced producers to cut corners, look at some of the recent cartoon network shows. shows such as Over the Garden Wall, could have easily been a 22 minute show. Transformers: Cyberverse could had been a 22 minute show but instead they made it 11 minutes unlike previous Transformers shows. Cartoon Network in the U.S on tv now has very little to offer to many people. The many shows they have on Cable TV Ondemand could been used as promotion on their linear network. A missed opportunity and they need to stop neglecting their shows by putting them into death time slots. Cartoon Network has became a victim of their own success in Teen Titans Go a show which little kids would outgrow out of it eventually. Their app also needed to be easy to use instead of people trying to work it and they also needed to give an expansion to include all cartoons.

  • @ultraalien It's unbelievable just how incompetent and out of touch the people running Cartoon Network are. Time Warner or AT&T or whoever really needs to step in and change some seats around. Get some new and more competent folks to step in and run Cartoon Network. This is getting freakin ridiculous.

  • @tactical-ochoa I am going to have so say you very well be right about how incompetent and out of touch the people running cartoon network.

  • I think what would benefit the network most, at this point, would be for them to take a hiatus. nuke their channel and app, take like, a month to reorganize, and return with quality content and management.

  • @offbeatcat While I do agree that CN needs to take some time to reorganize themselves, I don't think shutting down the channel and app for at least a month would be a smart decision for them to make business wise. They just need to figure out a plan to kick things back up into gear. Reorganize the channel, fix and improve the app, change leadership around, kick those freakin left leaning politically correct ideologues out, etc.

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