Ben 10 animated shorts idea

  • I had this idea by watch shorts of TMNT with different animated shorts from different animation companies, what if Ben 10 done something like this, like a for example a Ben 10 short made by Studio Mir (Legend of Korra and Voltron Legendary Defender fame), I don't think CN would be interested in the idea, but it would be really cool to see that. What do you think of the idea?

  • It would be kind of nice, I guess... While I am quite sure that the reboot will have animated shorts, like SU and the new PPG have, but I don't think CN would make something like that. It's a good idea anyway!

  • @GoodVibes1999 Yeah, I honestly would love to see a Lucky Girl short, kinda like a magical girl anime type short with Gwen doing a magical girl transformation as Lucky Girl and fighting Hex or Charmcaster. If I was any good at animation I would love to do a fan short for Ben 10, so many cool ideas that could work with the idea.

  • @GoodVibes1999 I personally would love Titmouse Inc. to animate the Lucky Girl short, I love their style.

    I also had an idea of a Ben as a alien being who can shape shift into different alien heroes as he protects his finder Gwen Tennyson. I would love to see Studio Mir do that one.

    I got a lot more if you like to hear it.

  • What about a short where Ben, Gwen and Max are at the beach and Ben steals Gwens swimsuit so she have to walk around naked to get back to the Rustbucket or something.

  • @Mortie-10 That would be funny, I can see it being more cartoony than most shorts (I can see it being animated by the guys of Panty and Stocking). Also, what about a short of Ben, Gwen, and Max as dogs fighting dog versions of enemies? (Vilgax, Charmcaster, and such)

  • Ben 10 Fans

    How about a new Ben 10 animated short episode of what Grandpa Max do inside the Rustbucket RV when Ben and Gwen is not around him.

  • @jondennison72 You mean like Plumber stuff and fight aliens and such while Ben and Gwen are not around? That would be cool.

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