Justice League and Ben 10 Bringing Action Back to CN?

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    So they just showed off the first footage of the Justice League Action Cartoon (which looks amazing) and with the new ben 10 footage coming real soon i was thinking about the fact that CN is bringing action back. Just look at this trailer if it isn't action i don't know what is. http://comicbook.com/dc/2016/07/22/wb-releases-justice-league-action-highlight-reel-at-comic-con/ If ben 10 is like this we could be seeing a new generation of awesome action cartoons instead of all comedy for CN. What do you guys think? Could CN finally be reviving the Action genre?

  • @Omni-Triforcer And are we going to be getting strong, compelling, and stories with strong and well developed characters? If no, then having more action shows like this won't matter if it's not backed up by a good story and good characters.

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    Man you are all negative even when we get something good (action coming back) you only think of the negatives. Can't we just be happy that cn will no longer be all comedy. Everyone is excited for this show and so am i no matter if its 10 minutes or 20

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    If this is how Cartoon Network's going to bring action shows back, then this might be our only hope, since 2012, CN's been pushing away from it, mainly since we got a new president and stupid stuff happened... (thank you new schedule guy)
    Point is, if this is what's gonna happen... we might be saved.

  • One complaints I have about Justice League Action is that some of the characters designs look terrible.

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    @cooljay7 I don't think it looks that bad. It's not super detailed but then again it doesn't have to be for what its trying to do.

  • It looks great and hope it will be story driven. I like the art style as well reminds me of Burce Timm in a way.

  • @Omni-Triforcer It's good that we are having "action" shows coming back but like I said, if there isn't a good story and good characters in these shows as well, then it won't matter. I don't just want action shows. I want at least good shows with good action, comedy, drama, and/or whatever genre they decide to make those very shows with good story, characters, writing, settings, visuals and animations, etc. Just because it's an action show doesn't mean that it's going to be good. Just because a show is going to have action in it doesn't mean crap if the action elements aren't backed up and held up by every other element of the shows. There had been plenty of action shows and movies and video games and whatsoever that suffer because other elements of them aren't done very well. I don't watch shows because they are solely action. I watch shows because they're at least good and that they give me a reason to get invested in them.

    Don't give me that "stop being negative" crap because like I said before it's going to get you nowhere and you're just wasting your time on it. Use your time wisely and give me a proper and valid counter argument or don't say anything at all and don't even bother.

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    The problem is you are always looking for a argument. While I just like to state what I think. Is there evidence torwards it? No but it's what i think and I don't need to argue about it.

  • @Omni-Triforcer No I'm not. I'm just stating my opinions. It's some people (you included) that want to step up and respond back. There are moments where it is best to just walk away. You keep making all these "stop being negative" comments when, like I said, you are just wasting your time with it. If you're getting sick and tired of what I have to say, then don't even bother responding because there are moments where responding back is just going to make things worse. That's why I stopped responding to AleSir19 on the Ben 10 Englishboard forums regardless of what he says. I got sick and tired of many of the comments that he posted to the point where I decided not to even bother wasting my time with him at all anymore. If you're getting sick and tired of my comments, then follow my advice and don't even bother responding back. Sometimes it can be hard to follow that advice but it's one of the best solutions that you can use.

  • You know what? there was some action in 2012. If you think about it, ben 10 omniverse was a little bit like the original teen titans with plenty of action, a consistent story line buildup, and just enough cartoony animation to balance the serious. it only went downhill when teen titans go aired its second episode.

  • I personally think Hulu really needs to start airing brand new original DC animated shows. DC Comics needs to stop relying on CN & start relying on Hulu more.

  • @NelsonYeung2 I honestly don't care much about DCs shows (except Batman the animated series), honestly wonder if it's possible for Ben 10 to get more freedom on Netflix or Hulu than CN, we might get a Ben 10 done by the same guys who did Avatar and the new Voltron show, that would be wonderful to see in the future

  • ah yeah that would be cool to see just I hope they would make the show more towards the older fans plus also have a good amount of fanservice in it

  • @KorseBLI-ND I'm not too big on fan service because it can be a bit much and can ruin a show, but I like Ben 10 to be aimed toward all ages young and old.

  • @Rexfan1333 ah yeah if they don't do the service in moderation also I hope they have ben kill kevin that is why I would want it gear to the older fans plus I think ben should have a harem

  • @Rexfan1333 I never grew up watching DC Cartoons. The very first DC Cartoon I've ever watched was Batman: Brave and the Bold. I cite that show, Blue Beetle, DC animation producer James Tucker & voice actors Diedrich Bader, John DiMaggio & Will Friedle for why I got into DC Comics in the first place. But I do not consider myself a DC fan.


    Right now, I just really want a Blue Beetle animated series & new DC animated projects with Will Friedle reprising his Batman: Brave and the Bold role as Jaime Reyes. I'll talk more about Blue Beetle later.

  • @NelsonYeung2 I very much agree with you. With the way that Cartoon Network is doing their shows right now, it's certainly not best for DC and Warners Bros to have their shows air on Cartoon Network at the moment.

  • ah yeah I agree

  • @NelsonYeung2 I loved Brave and the Bold (second to Batman the animated series) and I did like Blue Beetle as well, really a fun character (he really needs his own show), I mostly grew up watching Batman the animated series, Superman the animated series, and the original Justice series (even though I never got into it for some reason, maybe too many heroes or something)

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