Addressing the Ben 10 Reboot Part 2

  • @KorseBLI-ND I don't hate Dwayne McDuffie (the guy made Static Shock for crying out loud, another favorite series of mine), it wasn't really his fault, it was Cartoon Network for hiring him even though he never even saw the series (I'm not sure if he seen the original or not, but what we got proved he never seen a single episode)

  • ah just I hate because of him of him making the show and making the damn gwevin pairing plus his damn followers of his forum destroying a group i was with so I will hate him till I am on my deathbed

  • @KorseBLI-ND I'm not a fan of Gwevin either, it was just dumb mistake. The whole Smart girl with bad boy thing was just played out honestly.

  • ah yeah but I am still pissed at his damn forum followers and him because that group I was with I consider them more my real family than my family

  • Ben 10 Fans

    So alright, I wanted to ask you all this.
    When do you think we're going to get our first ever trailer for the Reboot?
    It comes out in 2 months for everywhere but US/Canada and Latin America. Any ideas?

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    For the us? I would think probably around christmas

  • For Europe (Netherlands/Belgium)
    Probaly End this month/next month
    I will give more information about Ben 10 from The Netherlands

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  • So I came across these two articles that both discuss the toy line for the Ben 10 reboot discussing a bit of news about them and how the development of these toys are going. There was a mention of how things have been quite exciting, encouraging, and welcoming for the Ben 10 reboot toy line. Yeah, right, because things really have been quite exciting, encouraging, and welcoming ever since that teaser clip of the Ben 10 reboot was released back at San Diego Comic-Con 2016.

    There's also a mention of how the Ben 10 toy line became a major phenomenon the first time around and thus how it's tricky to predict how well the toy line will do this time. Here's my prediction on how the toy line for the Ben 10 reboot will do. Yes back then during the Ben 10 OS, the toy line soared in sales. It was one of Cartoon Network's most successful sales in merchandise for the company and network. However, as time went by and as Cartoon Network more so started treating the Ben 10 franchise more poorly and exploiting it more just to sell more toys and gain more profits, Ben 10 toy sales have gone down drastically. How drastically? I mentioned this before plenty of times. Ultimate Alien's toy line have done so poorly in sales that it tanked Omniverse's toy line. Most people didn't want to buy Ben 10 toys and most retail stores didn't want to sell any more Ben 10 toys because they knew that the toys weren't selling and profiting. It's like I said before, because of this, what makes Cartoon Network think that the Ben 10 toy line will do well enough this time around with the Ben 10 reboot? There's already a large negative response and very little interest in the Ben 10 reboot. Most people are not looking forward to it. The toy line has pretty much gone under since Ben 10 Ultimate Alien. My prediction is that, especially if the reboot doesn't do well and doesn't turn out to be good, the Ben 10 toy line isn't going to do well enough in sales because of what I mentioned here.


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    Actually I wanna state this @ Tactical Ochoa.
    Bandai has had a history of failing toy lines for shows, like a long one, because the same thing happened to Thundercats when it came back in 2011.
    I think toy sells back then in general were just failing because YJ failed when it had a super strong fan base, Generator Rex wasn't that popular and its toy sales failed before its second wave of figures released.
    But my point is, if you look at Bandai's history, with some merchandising, some stuff has failed in the past, and I think they switched to Playmates because TMNT was doing so well. So my best bet, people may buy those figures, but remember, A LOT OF PEOPLE HATE the Reboot, I don't think the toy sales will do any good if that many people hate the franchise.
    Right now the only things people are paying attention to is Steven Universe, TMNT, how bad TTG is, and other trends that I don't really remember.
    Ben 10 was big back then, but I don't think the Reboot is going to help it make it any bigger due to the change in Omniverse pissing a lot of people off, Therefore, until Ben 10 makes a show that's not like CN's current trend, it follows a more developing and anime-path like UAF, but without the DC feeling/Max-shoving off/alien-pushing episodes, then we may have something going. (Like Pokemon XYZ, Dragon Ball, whatever) Because Ben 10 being relied on kiddish stuff over and over is the worst for the franchise to rise to fame.

  • @Ebomnitrix Yeah, CN needs to get their shit together because it's only making them look really bad at this point.

  • @Rexfan1333 I agree

  • @Ebomnitrix Bandai's history of failing toy lines is a good point to make as well. Still, Ultimate Alien and Omniverse's poor ratings and mediocre quality still had a major affect on the sales of Ben 10 merchandise having gone down quite badly.

    Another thing to mention as well is that people don't buy toys and merchandise just because of the Ben 10 name alone. The reason why the Ben 10 OS toy line did so well was because the OS was a great show that built up a large fanbase that was very willing to buy Ben 10 toys and merchandise because they like the OS and want to show their support and appreciation for it because, again, it's a great show. That's why the original Powerpuff Girls merchandise line was so successful as well. If Cartoon Network really wants to profit off of selling toys so much, then make good shows. It's not guaranteed to work because it's also up to the toy companies to make good toys but there is a better increased chance that toys and merchandise will sell well enough if the shows are at least good and popular.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa I agree tactical plus I still have my lucky girl version of gwen in the package that it came with

  • @KorseBLI-ND Cool that you still have a old Ben 10 toy as Lucky Girl in the package
    @Tactical-Ochoa and yeah You're right on that point about selling Ben 10 toys almost nobody enjoyed to buy the Ben 10 Omniverse /Ultimate Alien toys. But the shows, for example Omniverse was not a really bad show as the hated shows right now as The new Ben 10, TTG and PPG Omniverse was hated by people because they hate that new design so they don't want to buy that new Design Aliens/Characters thats just my opinion of the Ben 10 Omniverse toys selling

  • @Ben-10-Fan ah yeah it is just I wish I could find more of the original toys but not have to pay a arm and a leg for them

  • @Ben-10-Fan Omniverse really wasn't that bad. It has its good episodes but it also has its bad episodes and pointless filler episodes. To me, much like Alien Force, Omniverse was just average with being arguable as to whether it was good or bad. It wasn't just the art design but there were many other factors that held Omniverse back. To me, Omniverse had a good run with the Malware story arc and then just fell apart after that. Even then, the Malware arc had an opportunity to take in showing the events that led to Ben taking the Omnitrix off before Alien Force but didn't take it, which held it back a little. There were other factors as well such as having Ben and Gwen separated (and I explained why that was a problem on the Bwen page), many plot holes, numerous animation errors, retcons, a lot of really stupid moments, etc. Omniverse just had a lot of problems that held it back.

    On an extra side note about Omniverse, very interesting thing that I found out about a while back. The episode of Omniverse, Vilgax Must Croak, Ben tells the group to hold their breaths while in the vacuum of space. Yeah, in actuality, doing that would cause their lungs to rupture and tear fatally. Explosive decompression. When in space, you're supposed to exhale to avoid this. The animated film, Titan A.E., did this correctly. Just a nice little fun fact really and it's understandable if the writers didn't know this, even though it's important to make sure to do some research first before doing scenes like this.



  • Ever since I've decided to buy Blue Beetle Rebirth comics, watched Niko & The Sword of Light pilot & heard of Zak Storm, I've became far less interested in the Ben 10 Reboot.

  • @NelsonYeung2 Most people aren't interested and looking forward to the Ben 10 reboot. There's very little support and excitement for it right now and the show's not even out yet. The Ben 10 reboot is being shined out by all these other far better shows. I'm more so of looking forward to the new Samurai Jack coming that's coming out soon on Toonami.

  • @NelsonYeung2 pretty sad to hear that, are you even into Ben 10 anymore? Just curious

    @Tactical-Ochoa you know you can just watch the original series if you don't like the reboot at all, there are people who want to see Ben 10 again you know. I like Samurai Jack as well bit I'm also looking forward to Ben 10.

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