@Tactical-Ochoa said:

@admin Yeah. I mean like it could be that the artist that made this calendar cover made a mistake on Diamondhead's design. I mean like hell, they got the word "calendar" spelled wrong. Hopefully, that's very much the case.

What made me think that Diamondhead has a spike on the top of his head was that freakin angle of his face. I am aware of the spike that he has on the back of his head but usually it's only visible from the front if Diamondhead's face is either at a downward angle or turned towards the side. If at a downward angle, the top of Diamondhead's head would be visible as well. Here on this calendar cover, Diamondhead's face is more of at an upwards angle and looking directly towards the people that would be looking at the calendar. You can't even see the top of his head so when I saw that spike, it looked like it was right on top of his head. Again, hopefully it's just a mistake that was made on Diamondhead's design.

Yeah i was thinking the same thing that its just the angle that we see diamondhead since his head is sorta tilted down a little but so we could see the spike on the back of his head