What I want to see in the reboot

  • I'm excited for the reboot, but also very worried that it will go the TTG and PPG reboot rout as well. Here are some things I want the reboot to have.

    1.) Better character development, this is very important and needs to be in the reboot.

    2.) less bratty bickering between Ben and Gwen, I think this will only make people not watch the series for Ben and Gwen's bratty bickering, I don't mind a Dipper and Mabel like relationship where they still have a rivalry, but not too annoying to some people.

    3.) Better Villains, I like Vilgax somewhat, but he's kinda 2-dimensional and doesn't seem to have much of a purpose but wanting the Omnitrix to take over the world. Hope to see some decent bad guys that will give Ben and company a challenge.

    4.) Tone down Ben's ego, I don't really mind Ben's ego, but some people will be turned off by the reboot all because of Ben's character, I hope Ben will ditch the arrogance and ego in future episodes and be more of the fun loving and mature hero.

    5.) Have great arcs, great arcs make the series more enjoyable and can give characters as well as supporting characters time to shine. It doesn't have to focus on Ben and his aliens.

    6.) Have Gwen be more caring and less annoying, Gwen can be a pain in the butt at times in the original series, but the reboot could try to have Gwen balance out her sassy personality and caring side.

    7.) Better writing, if you want to give the audience something fun and entertaining, great writers are important.

    8.) It doesn't hurt to be a little dark, dark episodes are important and should be done more often. Maybe a intimidating villain or tragedy.

    9.) More interesting characters, in Omniverse, they are a lot of characters that didn't get much attention, so this reboot should try to make really fun and interesting characters.

    10.) Better love interest, Kai was my least favorite girl for Ben because of her rudeness towards Ben and favoring his Blitz Wolfer form, they could make her character interesting or give Ben a better love interest.

    Those are my wish list for the Ben 10 reboot, I have a lot of things I would love to see in the reboot, but it's a really long list. What do you think and what are your wishes for the reboot?

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    Theres already a thread for this. http://ben10club.org/topic/93/your-ben-10-reboot-wishes/10
    You even posted on it so why did you make a new thread? We shouldn't be making threads just for the sake of making threads.

  • @Rexfan1333 I agree with many of your points here.

    Although in regards to Vilgax, he's most certainly not a 2-dimensional character. Yeah, his goals of wanting absolute power and wanting to take over the world is certainly not new and has been seen many times before but what really makes Vilgax truly shine and such a terrifying, challenging, and overall great villain and such a fan favorite are the very actions that he's willing to take to achieve his goals and how he plans out his methods of achieving his goals as well as his motives and determination to get the Omnitrix. That is where Vilgax truly shines and is what makes him such a great villain. It's not that much about the "what" for Vilgax but more importantly about the "why" and "how." It's a shame that Vilgan's credibility as a villain diminished greatly in the sequel shows though. Not only that but Vilgax was also very important and had a strong purpose in the Original Series. He's a major reason that Ben found the Omnitrix in the first place and Vilgan's history with Max places a more personal connection towards Ben, Gwen, and Max.

    As for Ben and Gwen and their relationship with each other, yeah Ben is arrogant and does have a strong ego, Gwen is harsh towards Ben, and those two do bicker, fight, and argue with each other a lot but if that's all some people see out of those characters in the Original Series, then they really need to go back and re-watch the show and take a closer look at them and think more about them because there's a lot more about Ben and Gwen that many, including CN and their writers, have missed. Yeah Ben is arrogant and has a big ego but as the Original Series went on, Ben developed and improved himself to the point where he does become a more mature, serious, and responsible hero while still maintaining a significant amount of his egocentric, impulsive, and fun-loving characteristics to keep him entertaining and fun to watch. Yeah Gwen is pretty harsh towards Ben and didn't initially like him at the beginning of the series but as the Original Series progressed, Gwen grew to liking and caring about Ben and treating him better while also helping Ben out a lot in many various situations even when outside of doing hero work. Even then, a lot of times that Gwen was being harsh towards Ben was because Ben's arrogance and ego got him into a lot of trouble and Gwen was there to be the "voice of reason" for Ben and to help him learn past his mistakes and make him a better hero and individual. The same goes for Ben's treatment towards Gwen as well, which leads up to their relationship towards each other. Yeah, Ben and Gwen bickered, argued, and fought with each other and didn't like each other at the start of the series but as the series progressed, Ben and Gwen grew to be much closer to each other. They showed a lot of kindness, care, support, and treatment towards each other and are willing to help each other out and work together more often in the Original Series. Yeah they still occasionally argue and bicker with each other but by the end of the Original Series, they've definitely got much closer to each other than back at the beginning of the series.

    Ben and Gwen as well as their relationship towards each other were very much fine as it was in the Original Series. In fact, they were done very well in the Original Series. It's the sequel shows that pretty much screwed all that up. The sequel shows (especially Omniverse) over emphasized and exaggerated Ben's ego to the point where it made him such an annoying character. Gwen was no longer much of the "voice of reason" type character in the sequel shows and she more often was found to be more of a complainer. Not only that but during the flashback scenes in Omniverse, Ben and Gwen were constantly bickering, arguing, and fighting with each other again as if all that relationship developing that happened with the Original Series was just suddenly thrown out the window. The sequel shows screwed all of that up.

    As for having a better love interest for Ben, well I would favor Ben's love interest being Gwen and I don't really have to explain why since that I already have an entire page for explaining my argument for Ben and Gwen being a couple. That's just me though. In my opinion, Kai was fine in the Original Series. I think a lot of people misunderstood her at least a little too much during the "Benwolf" episode. I mean like come on, she's a kid and what kid doesn't want to have a trained and tamed pet werewolf. Plus, Kai's reason for liking Ben did also contribute to Ben and Gwen's relationship towards each other improving even further. That's just my thoughts on Kai in the Original Series though. I will say that Kai was certainly not that well implemented in Omniverse to the point where she did become very much unlikeable. The Omniverse writers definitely misunderstood Kai from the Original Series and really screwed things up for her.

    Other than that, pretty much what you pointed out about what you wanted with Ben, Gwen, and Vilgax, the Original Series already achieved that with great execution and implementation to them.

  • @Omni-Triforcer Oh yeah, that's a really good point you made there. I suddenly forgot about that page too.

  • @Omni-Triforcer oh yeah, I forgot about that, but this is mostly my ideas and opinions on how the reboot should be.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa Yeah, I understand what you mean about Vilgax, but it just seems he just a very boring villain and I think the reboot should explore the villains more and fleshed out better, like back stories and why they do the things they do.

    As for Ben and Gwen's relationship, it just seems it could be done better without the constant bickering and just have a friendly rivalry instead, this is supposed to be different from the original series and it should, I don't want to watch a rehash of a series that already exist. (I honestly liked the portrayal of Ben and Gwen in Alien Force being more mature, but later seasons ruined it like Omniverse)

    As for Ben's relationship, they will not allow Ben and Gwen together in the series, but I wouldn't mind a better take on Kai, but make her friendly and have a decent personality, maybe bring back Julie or any female character in the series or something, I hope Julie would be the main girl in the reboot, but it won't happen.

    The original has flaws, but this reboot should do them better and not half assed and give a character death or something to give Ben a reason to keep being a hero (have it start off with Ben blaming himself and later realize that he can't save everyone like the comics), wish to see this happen or something to show that these villains are not like a Saturday morning cartoon kinda of types.

  • @Rexfan1333 Good points there. I say otherwise but it is your opinion so I can understand where you're coming from as well. I also don't want to watch this reboot if it's just a rehash of the Original Series as well, which considering that the premise is the exact same premise as the Original Series, I'm pretty much predicting and expecting this reboot to indeed be a rehash of the original show. I also agree that the reboot should be different from the original show as well. Do a different take on the Ben 10 series at least in regards to it's plot. The premise of the Ben 10 reboot alone just shows that Cartoon Network is relying on the Original Series to make the reboot successful when doing stuff like that certainly doesn't work out well for most reboots in general. Just look at the Ghostbusters reboot. The trailer shows some scenes were rehashed from the original Ghostbusters film and that was one of the major criticisms that many gave the Ghostbusters reboot on. Even then, there's not many people that are looking forward to the Ben 10 reboot. Most are already expecting it to be bad. The PPG reboot certainly didn't help with people's views on the Ben 10 reboot either. Even then, people are just generally much less forgiving towards reboots anyways. Remakes and sequels are one thing but making a reboot of a beloved series is certainly something else that can really really hurt any series if not done right. Either reboots need to stick to what makes the original great or do a much different and more unique and original take and do very well at it and not try to go for a middle ground. Tomb Raider 2013 is a great example of a video game reboot that takes a different and more unique approach to the Tomb Raider series while the recently released Doom 2016 reboot game is a great example of going back to the original roots of the Doom series at least single player campaign wise. The PPG 2016 reboot is a major example of taking that middle ground of trying to be like the original PPG show while also doing it's own different approach and as a result, the PPG reboot is currently dealing with an identity crisis. Well, at least in my opinion that is but YouTube critic PIEGUYRULZ does make a good point about the PPG reboot having an identity crisis. There's even episodes of the PPG reboot that are just basically rehashes of the original show. Again, the Ben 10 reboot is using the same exact premise as the Original Series. For a reboot of the Ben 10 series, that's not a good idea and direction to take here and will most likely hurt the series greatly; especially if it's just basically a rehash of the Original Series.

  • I want to see Ben's parents and Ben 10,000... Meh, not much else!

  • @GoodVibes1999 I had this idea of Ben's parents as former Plumbers that kept their secret from Ben until he's a teen, that would really make Ben's parents a lot more interesting,

  • @Rexfan1333 That's a pretty good idea!

  • @GoodVibes1999 Thanks, had that idea for a while and think it would be awesome to see happen in the reboot.

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