Voice actors in the Ben 10 Reboot?

  • What voice actors do you think will be in the reboot?
    Here are my thoughts:
    Ben/Upgrade = Tara Strong
    Gwen = Meagan Smith/Ashley Johnson
    Grandpa Max = New unkown voice actor
    Heatblast = Steven Blum
    Diamondhead/XLR8/Wildvine = Jim Ward
    Grey Matter = Richard Steven Horvitz
    Four Arms = Richard McGonagle
    Stinkfly/Overflow = Dee Bradley Baker
    Cannonbolt = Fred Tatasciore

  • @Mortie-10 I'm not sure about Tara and Magen are returning, but I wouldn't mind them returning honestly. I would love to see a different portrayal of Ben and Gwen. It is a reboot after all.

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