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  • I have an idea for a series where it takes place in AU setting (I added a few things from the Ben 10 sequels and original) where Ben and Gwen are 16 years old and Ben also still has the Omnitrix on and fights crime in the streets. Ben still gets in trouble in school (Will is the principle and hates Ben for his rebellious attitude), Gwen is also his tutor, but Ben never takes it seriously. Later, Ben and Gwen are also part of the Plumbers which is part of their school (secretly) and realize that new enemies have arrived. Max tells them to make a team, but they have to travel around the world to find them. (which causes a lot of situations as well as new enemies along the way)

    Characters like Alan Albright, Cooper, Manny, Helen, Peirce, and many others to help them stop this new threat.

    The difference is that Gwen is magic based and not alien based, Ben is a lot more mature (but still adventurous and fun loving) and still has the Omnitirx. I want it to be more like the original series with a bit more mature tone for older fans. Also the Plumbers are a human organization like in the original series. And Kevin is still evil.

    I had ideas of bringing characters like Jennifer Nocturne and Julie Yamamoto in this as well, but will be very different from the originals. Jennifer will be half alien, but not sure which spicies yet and Julie will be a Japanese girl from Japan who is part of a ninja clan and comes upon Ship at some point (still working in it).

    For voices of the characters

    Josh Keaton as Ben (love his awkward sounding voice as well as his strong voice for his teen heroes)

    Tara Strong as Gwen (she played Gwen as an adult and she's known for her magic based characters like Raven and Twilight Sparkle)

    J. K. Simmons as Max (I love Paul Eiding, but I think Simmons can pull off Max)

    Phil LaMarr as Alan Albright (Static Shocks voice can totally fit this character)

    As for the others not sure at the moment, but I have some ideas.

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    Sounds awesome. Sounds like ben 10: hero generation that MOA wanted to make.

  • @Omni-Triforcer Thanks, I have other ideas for the rest and will post some more soon.

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