If you owned Ben 10

  • Nothing against the reboot, but I love to hear your ideas of what you do with Ben 10.

  • My idea would be making it a anime (animated in Japan, but still having western writing) with a slightly older Ben and Gwen (12 or 14) and have the same premise as the original, but all over the world. (meeting new characters and enemies as well)

  • @Rexfan1333 I would go for the sequel reboot approach that I prefer. Just let Man of Action take the series down the path that they intended to take. I would also prefer for Ben 10 to be a Japanese made animation show.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa Yeah, but I meant like what YOU would do if you owned Ben 10. I like the original series, but I always wanted to have Ben and Gwen a bit older so they can mature faster and I love the concept of them going across the globe fighting aliens.

  • @Rexfan1333 Yeah and that's what I would do if I owned Ben 10. Heck, I would even like to adapt the Little Moments and Breaking Point fanfics and work with the author of those fanfics as well. Just overall make the ideal sequel to the Original Series that removes all the problems that AF, UA, and OV created and give this series the justice it deserves. To utilize the potential and opportunities that Ben 10 still very much has. Just overall make Ben 10 the right way and make the series great again.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa Yeah, my idea could make a great sequel as well.
    (adding in elements from the Little Moments would also be nice)

    It seems fans know what's good for Ben 10 than CN does, they should just hire fans instead in my opinon.

  • @Rexfan1333 You know there's something wrong when the fans can do a better job at writing stories and characters for Ben 10 through fan fiction than what a professional team of writers and producers working for a company as big as CN can do with Ben 10 through a TV show.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa yeah, I even saw a animated short of the PPG reboot made by a fan and It looked way better than what CN is doing with it.

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    I would love to see some comics of ben 10 so i would sell ben 10 to marvel or dc if i owned it.

  • @Omni-Triforcer We already have Ben 10 comics by the way. Just want to let you know.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa I think he means a long running series of comics.

  • @Rexfan1333 Well, he said just comics so with that, I thought he meant Ben 10 comics in general. I don't know about Marvel and DC though. I believe Man of Action previously worked with Marvel but left after facing some issues with Marvel and went to form Man of Action. Therefore considering that, I don't think Marvel would be a suitable choice to sell Ben 10 to. DC however I'd say is a definite no. DC Comics is owned by Warners Bros who are currently dealing with a lot of justifiably harsh criticism due to their business practices. Plus, Warners Bros is under the same corporate umbrella as Cartoon Network, both being a part of Time Warner. Therefore, selling Ben 10 to DC would basically be like selling Ben 10 back to Cartoon Network, something that I honestly wouldn't prefer. Plus, do we really need to be reminded as to what Warners Bros and Cartoon Network did to Teen Titans by making Teen Titans Go!? Marvel is probably the better choice here.

    However, since that we previously discussed how Ben 10 would be good in the hands of a Japanese anime production company, what do you guys think about Ben 10 having a Japanese manga series as well?

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    Yea i meant long running comics with actual story arcs instead of one and dones.

  • @Omni-Triforcer Ok then.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa I could see MOA do something like that with Ben 10 being a long running series and all that, it would make it even more popular and fans as well as comic fans will enjoy it.

    I like the idea of a Ben 10 manga, maybe a mini series, it could be awesome, which artist would you have do it. I think Gurihiru (they did the original Avatar the last air bender comics) and should do it because they have similar style to the original series,

  • @Rexfan1333 Not really sure on who should do a comic/manga series. I'm not big on comics and manga anyways.

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    Im a fan of marvel and dc and would love to see ben 10 in either of their universes but it doesnt have to be them. Just someone that actually does good comics would be good. And btw tactial i was just talking about the comic books when i said dc so it doesnt really matter what turner did with ttg because turner doesnt have anything to do with the actual comics.

  • @Omni-Triforcer I'm aware of that. I'm just making the connection between DC, Warners Bros, and Cartoon Network. It's Warners Bros and Cartoon Network that we really have to worry about here when it comes to selling Ben 10 to DC Comics. Then again, I heard that Time Warner and Turner Broadcasting had been receiving a good chunk of criticism for their business practices as well.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa Yeah and If I had to chose an animator and character designer for Ben 10 it you would be You Yoshinari. (who has done Panty and Stocking and Gurren Lagann)

  • @Omni-Triforcer Yea im a fan to of Marvel and the Dc would be Very cool to see Ben 10 Comics in a serie like Deadpool and spider-Man hope that Marvel DC or MOA will make a Ben 10 comic serie like that

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