ben 10 tales from the magnum opus

  • Chapter 1: Chapter 1

    I do not own ben 10 frozen or breaking bad or the song do you want to build a methlab

    Ben and Gwen were headed to a comic book store called the Magnum Opus in the rustbucket with Grandpa Max

    Grandpa Max said, "We've arrived."

    Ben and Gwen got out of the rustbucket and start to walk to the door. The door opened and a UPS driver came out pushing a trolley.

    "See you next week for the party!" he shouted to someone back inside the store.

    Someone shouted back, "So bring your friends and some of your colleagues. See you later!"

    The door shut and the UPS driver left. Ben opened the shop door and held it open for Gwen. They walked in and the owner of the shop said, "Ah, Ben and Gwen! The stuff you guys ordered came in. Some came yesterday and some today. I'll get the stuff ready for you. While I do that, you can check out some of the new anime I have for people to rent."

    They answered him, saying "Thanks, Ted. We'll do that."

    They headed over to where the anime was. A couple of seconds later, while they were looking at the anime, they saw a golf ball fly by. It went past the spot where they had just been standing and proceeded to fly out the door that Ted had opened. Suddenly they heard a sound like a golf ball hitting someone in the head. There was a "poof" sound.

    Someone screamed, "It burns!" It sounded like a bunch of cats clawing the person.

    Ben and Gwen heard the guy shout, "Damn you, whoever hit me with that golf ball!" Then he ran off.

    "The two looked at each other and said, "Wasn't that Kevin?"

    Ted said, "Yeah that punk has been staking out my shop waiting for you, Gwen. I just had enough of it and hit him with one of my prank golf balls – you know, the ones that have powder that gets hot and catnip mixed in with it."

    "Here you go Ben, the 'Tarot witch of the black rose' comics you ordered."

    He pulled out six comics in bags put them on the counter. Then he said to Gwen "here is the school bites trades you ordered."

    Then he pulled out three books and put them on the counter. He then turned to Ben and said, "Ben, I couldn't order the skyclad covers because those are only on their website."

    Ben said "That's okay Ted."

    Ted smiled at the two teenagers and asked "Do you want to pay together or separate?"

    "Together" Ben answered, and handed the money to Ted.

    Ted gave them their change along with a copy of the comic shop news and a flyer. Ben looked at the flyer and asked what the flyer was about.

    Ted said, "It's for our Halloween party next week. We'll have food, drinks and prizes. Do you guys want tickets?"

    "Yeah, that would be cool." Ben turned to Gwen, "We'll have to come up with some good costumes."

    "I think I can come up with some good ideas." Gwen said with a mischievous smile.

    "I'll be looking forward to seeing you there." Ted said as he handed them their bags and the tickets.

    "Thanks Ted, see you at the party" Ben said as he and Gwen walked out the door to go back to the rust bucket

    Chapter 2: Chapter 2

    Betaed by car54

    At the magnus opus

    the door to the magnum opus shuts and ted walks around the counter to switch dvds in the dvd player that is connected to the screen on the wall and puts in interstella 5555 and pushes play on the remote and than he goes to the back room to get his computer to check emails and fill out order forms. And than he hears the bell on the door jingle telling him he has another customer and he says be there in a minute and he hears that is okay saint I just came here to get some tickets to the party for me and darth and ted turns to see his friend eric or as he likes to be called his nickname car54 and than ted stops what he is doing and walks behind the counter and grabs a set of tickets and hands them to car and also hands car a set of books that car ordered and car pulls out some money and hands it to ted and than ted hands car the change and car picks up the bag that has his books in it and goes to the door and opens it and walks out scene changes

    At the rustbucket

    ben is reading the latest issue of tarot witch of the black rose and gwen is looking on the web on her laptop for a set of costumes for her and ben to wear to the costume party and she finds a set that she likes and the costumes that she sees that she likes are rock and roll from megaman and she orders them and she gets up to tell ben she got their costumes ordered and she also go to grandpa max to ask if ben could go next week to get them from the place she ordered them scene changes


    kevin says finally I can get my revenge on ben and gwen and that store owner

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